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Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

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Gianni's News

Posted by Gianni - June 20th, 2013

I've noticed this site has a rising amount of original content, much of which isn't even comedic. This is good news for me, as it gives me more things I actually want to watch, but more importantly, more things I'd actually love to play a role in.

So if you're a creator passing by my page, by all means contact me for voice work stuff. If you're one of the Crows flying through, I thank you for your time.

Posted by Gianni - April 1st, 2013

After being sick multiple times, I've gotten my mic turned on again today and played a bit of catching up with my incredibly patient contacts.

I'd like to make a statement though, I'm looking for work outside of comedy. This isn't an anti-parody thing and I do think comedies are fun, but they're not really my primary interest and I feel that I've fallen further into them than I intended to, looking at the projects I've worked on. Especially the ones on Newgrounds, but regular visitors to the site won't be surprised there.

I will still continue to work with the people I currently work with on their comedic projects, but for future projects from new contacts, I'm going to try to avoid the comedy scene a little bit. I still like jokes in projects of course, but I don't so much have deep interest in projects which feature comedy as a main objective.

Not a resignation from laughter, just a notice for the direction my interest is shifting in.

And no, I'm not "better than it". Hahah, now THAT would be a joke.

Posted by Gianni - January 25th, 2013

And here I find myself with 299 crows. That's righteous. It's a relatively small number, but still, the idea that I could get a number of people that high to enjoy my work at least a little bit just by doing something I naturally enjoy doing is motivational indeed.

I won't be quitting any time soon. Although I do probably need to work on my networking skills, utilizing more websites, looking for more auditions, and seeing about getting minor roles in bigger projects. I can't really just wait for roles to come to me the way I kinda have for a while. I think that huge Dust project is a perfect example. I had no idea that was even a thing until it was released and I saw all the stuff on the front page about it.

I probably need to network more. And stop flirting with potential business contacts.

Thanks to every single person who favorited me, and all the people who listen regardless of that feature.

Posted by Gianni - December 30th, 2012

Hey guys, I just wanna let you know that lately I've been really rubbish at being a voice actor. Been busy and sick multiple times, but beyond that I've just forgotten and been lazy about it for certain frames of time. I still respond to requests on here for whatever reason, but I haven't really been seeking out voice work at all.

This isn't a claim that I'm getting back on the ball. I'm just letting you know that I'm off it. Hey, I'll always be honest with you. I'm a pretty terrible person, that's the truth.

Also, I wanted to figure out what to call my fans. I was thinking you guys could be my minions, my ravens, my parasites, or my horde. Wanna help me pick a name for this poor, wretched lot?

Also, should I start linking everyone to my Facebook account?

I figure what better time to sort out my networking shit than when I'm totally off the ball.

Ah dude, I should call you guys my crows. Then when I refer to you collectively, I can call you my murder. Crows are scary as fuck, I'm sure most of you read the Cracked article.

Posted by Gianni - August 25th, 2012

I'll try to keep this brief. I was going to follow that with "...case!" and show you a picture of a briefcase, but that would be a terrible joke and I would never let people know I come up with such awful ideas.

- Still doing voice work, looking for hentai gigs that pay more than anything. I tried begging Zone-Sama but evidently my voice just doesn't fit hot girl roles "no matter how many auditions you send in, please stop spamming me."

- I've taken an interest in learning more about live acting, working with local groups to look into that more. Nothing exciting to report yet.

- Darksiders 2 is the best game ever.

- Busy with work and life, but who isn't, really.

- Still undead, no signs of life yet.

- I think I stopped taking this list seriously.

- Go find voice actors at the VAC and the VAA!



- Here's my current voice demo! Evidently the website won't let me ever submit anything again, so here's the Box file! Yay!

- Go watch this awesome animation that coincidentally stars me if you want!

- And I leave you with a half naked picture of me!

Posted by Gianni - April 15th, 2011

Hello again. Okay, let's say you're an aspiring amateur voice actor like I am. Except, for the sake of your own pride, we won't directly relate you to me. You are merely "of a similar fashion". You want to audition for projects but you don't really know where to go to do that other than the "Voice Actor Wanted" thread here on Newgrounds. Well, I'll show you a couple of places right here.

Voice Acting Club

http://voiceacting.proboards.com/index .cgi?board=general

Voice Acting Alliance

http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/f orumdisplay.php?184-Original-Visual

If you are SEEKING a voice actor and wish to make a thread on these sites, just be sure to follow the posting guidelines or the mods will nag at you for it like a week after you did it wrong when they finally have the time to nag at you for it. But the guidelines are there for good reason. It makes sure that everyone gets equal opportunity to try out, for the most part. Whatever just do it, jeez.

Character Info
Voice Type
Audition Lines
E-mail address to send the lines to
Put the thread in the right section of the forum
Probably something else I'm forgetting, SIMPLY because I'm the one who said follow the rules, I forgot one, but whatever.

These are both very good sites run by cool people, and visited by cool people. You can audition for projects to your heart's content. It's a beautiful little thing the amateur community has going on, so don't be shy, let's hear what you have to say, shall we?

Oh and one more thing, here's a link to my current voice demo, in the off chance you're on my userpage for me.

Posted by Gianni - March 29th, 2011

Hello there, if you came here to find out a little bit more about me, then allow me to grant that wish for you.

I do a little bit of amateur voice acting. I can't link you to any of the projects I'm in because they're not out yet, but don't worry, they'll be on the front page soon so you can't miss them, hah!

Somebody keeps voting five on my audio submissions, and I have no idea who it is. Given yes okay, I do vote five on my own submissions pretty regularly, but honestly I stop once it hits like four. It's not that I think the number matters, I know what with zero bombing and whatnot the number doesn't actually matter, which is exactly why I vote five.

Anyway the point is, to whoever keeps five bombing me, thank you, that's pretty awesome of you. I'm glad you like me enough to do that, but don't feel some form of obligation to. The audio submissions are really just for fun, I get all my parts from submitting personal auditions.

But I'm gonna go back to pretending it's not one person and it's just a bunch of different people who all vote five. Let me know if you need anything, I'll be around.

Posted by Gianni - January 13th, 2011

I have this feeling that you're at least moderately bored right now.

Posted by Gianni - October 29th, 2009

It tells me I should make a post, so, I shall.

Somehow I've perked your interest enough for you to be on my profile. Me, your average Newgrounds user.

Well, this is quite disappointing, for the both of us, but mostly you I imagine.

Walk away now and we can pretend this never happened.