2012-12-30 16:06:10 by Gianni

Hey guys, I just wanna let you know that lately I've been really rubbish at being a voice actor. Been busy and sick multiple times, but beyond that I've just forgotten and been lazy about it for certain frames of time. I still respond to requests on here for whatever reason, but I haven't really been seeking out voice work at all.

This isn't a claim that I'm getting back on the ball. I'm just letting you know that I'm off it. Hey, I'll always be honest with you. I'm a pretty terrible person, that's the truth.

Also, I wanted to figure out what to call my fans. I was thinking you guys could be my minions, my ravens, my parasites, or my horde. Wanna help me pick a name for this poor, wretched lot?

Also, should I start linking everyone to my Facebook account?

I figure what better time to sort out my networking shit than when I'm totally off the ball.

Ah dude, I should call you guys my crows. Then when I refer to you collectively, I can call you my murder. Crows are scary as fuck, I'm sure most of you read the Cracked article.


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2012-12-30 16:28:19

Method acting only goes so far.... maybe a few days of R&R will set you straight.

Gianni responds:

Thanks, I really do want an excuse to rest and relax, but the truth is I don't need that. I just need to get my shit together. That and maybe some more caffeine. You're cool and you comment on a lot of the people I follow on here. Hope the New Jerseycane didn't fuck you up too bad.


2012-12-30 21:31:17

Well first of all DIBS ON RAVEN!
And second, you'll be changing your tune when you see what i've done with Gunfox Episode 1,
But i know what your saying, you feel like crap, my projects put me in an investment of $6300
worth of equipment such as programs and Tablets. and take it from me there's nothing worse than knowing if that was the right choice.

The saying i usually have is this:

"If you're gonna die......Well....You better die with scars"

Take it from me dude...War medals come in different ways, but either way
let me know if there's anything i can help you with.

I consider you a good buddy,regardless of voice acting.


Gianni responds:

Oh I'm feeling perfectly fine don't worry, I just haven't prioritized the VA stuff that highly. Hah, no, motivation to continue is seldom an issue with me. I just kinda accept that there's only one way to get what I ultimately want and that's through the fire. But I'm just busy with loads of other things lately. Or I forget or get lazy some days, not gonna lie.

GunFox is righteous, if you sent me more recordings I'd drop whatever the hell I was doing and get cracking on them, even though I'd probably fuck up the first twenty takes because I rushed into it. Well, I usually fuck up the first twenty takes regardless.

Forty takes then. Forty takes for "Hey!". I joke, but sometimes it's like that, hah.


2012-12-31 05:30:49

I just want to thank you first for the awesome words you left on my gothic animation buddy :)

Secondly I am really sad to see that you are not feeling so hot but I guess we all have out good times and our better times. I really hope you get well - because health comes first really.

And I really do hope you will continue to voice act because as I told you before I think you are super full with talent and skill at it.

But I also agree that you need to find motivation in what you do so I hope that never leaves you.

If this will make you feel any better I just want to let you know that on my yt channel people are really happy with your voice work (aslo in part 1 of the gothic animation) - people who are fans of the gothic game love it really.

I really wish you all the best man and even if we've never met I do consider you a great buddy - as far as buddy's go on the internet - I want to let you know that every time I played your voice tracks for the gothic animation I laughed so hard - you got a gift man and that is rare in any field if you think about it.

Feel free to message me about any topic you like if you think talking with me would be any help - I am always willing to help out in any way that I can.

(Updated ) Gianni responds:

I think I might have phrased the post poorly or something. I've been sick but it's only been with annoying basic colds (that occasionally like to last for a month it seems). I'm really feeling fine, this post was a claim that I've just kinda been a slouch about recording lately. I'll get to it eventually.

I'll get to it next year.


2012-12-31 21:55:38

This was the best promotional newspost I've ever seen! Haha!
Minions. Definitely minions.
Get back on that ball, we have to be vocal buddies, remember!
I hope you pick up momentum again soon, but it does get this way sometimes..
Take a break, and you'll come back feeling all refreshed. NY resolution, perhaps?
An early happy new year wish from Australia! Enjoy!

Gianni responds:

Hahah, you haven't even seen me BEGIN to slander myself on my own page! Watch me try! My nearly three hundred minions will drop to three!

If there's a project involving you I'll force myself onto the ball just to make sure I get to piggyback your inevitable success like I said I was going to.


2013-01-03 20:27:56

Hey.. what gives? Your voice is one of the few on here that can give a perfectly straight man an erection.. or is it just me?

Anyways, I don't really know you that well, so I don't quite understand the reason. Hopefully it's not because you think your voice isn't up to par because it's anything but. I'd give anything for that voice man, Truly.

Gianni responds:

Man I gotta work on this post, you guys think I'm qutting hahah, I'm just telling you I've been lazy.

Thanks though!


2013-01-04 20:52:35

Okay, first off, MangaFood has a point--like he always does, because he`s a genius. Second, I put forward the title of hemorrhoid or bubo for official fan title. Third, do not google search the word hemorrhoid to make sure you spelled it right because there are some things in this world the human eyeball was not meant to behold. Fourth---ah...okay--I knew I had a fourth point but I think I`m too scarred from those hemorrhoid pictures D:

Gianni responds:

Do you have any idea how terrible it was for me to find out what "bubo" means when I'm sitting here trying to nibble on my fucking carrots?

It was terrible, but only because I hate admitting I don't know things.

I am not calling my fans hemorrhoids, I'm pretty sure that's been their title for me since I started.


2013-01-05 22:14:37

Try eating perogies after that.


Gianni responds:

I'm adding it to the list of inedible things right now.

- Action Figures
- Perogies
- Tires
- Febreeze (?) *Requires testing


2013-01-12 13:55:40

All laughs aside, you really do have a stellar voice. Something about heterosexual erections in line with what MangaFood said. Keep at it, man. You may (although I doubt it) force me to reactivate my Facebook for social network cyber-stalking.

Gianni responds:

Thanks! Don't rush to it, I'm procrastinating about all of it anyway.


2013-01-14 19:37:51

lol, I like how you say you're a terrible person, and yet, from what I've seen on here, you come off as very considerate, encouraging, kind, and honest. And even as far as your voicing goes, you're willing to voice for anyone including nobodies such as myself, like you're not all "high-standard" and "I only voice for people who have X amount of fans" like so many other actors I see. I enjoy using actors that I like, not only for talent, but if they have a righteous personality. If you were all stuck-up and full of yourself like so many people I see, I wouldn't want to be working with you (and I have indeed halted contact with people I used to work with for that very reason).

Now obviously, online text isn't quite the most accurate representation of who someone ought to be in reality, BUT there are indeed certain things that a bad person WOULD say and what a good person would say online. So. I think you're a good person, or at least in comparison to lots of others out there.

And as for the Facebook thing, as long as it's like, not a Facebook FAN page or anything, that just comes off as pompous to me, but if it's just your personal account that you just network in then "why not" is what I say.

I like crows, and I also like minions. KEEP IT UP.

Gianni responds:

Thanks! Sometimes I think I'm only honest because it gets me what I want more effectively than lying. If I work with nobodies on here and exist along their path to greatness, I basically get to hitch a ride on someone else's success. That's the master plan anyway. Failing that, I'll have to actually be talented. Yikes.

The Faceboon Fan Page thing is probably something I would do if I ever got to 1k+, maybe even more than that. Basically I think Facebook has a friend limit of like 2.5k or something, so once I hit the roof with that, I would have to start a fan page.

Or rather, SUPPORT a fan page, since I kinda wouldn't want my fans to go to some unofficial official page, I'd rather it be myself hosting it and myself commenting on it and such, rather than some really dedicated fan club. My crows can do many things for me, but representing myself is something I wouldn't burden them with.

That's all long term crap though. Right now I'm really small-time, so maybe once I get my shit together I'll give it more thought.

Thanks for your continued support, and righteous animations!