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Thanks a bunch for having me as the voice of Detective Pikachu! Love the way this came out, and it's amazing to be in the project because I've been a fan of you since I first saw your stuff coming up on here back in like 2017 I think. AND it's an excuse to do more Max Payne stuff, which I am always looking for more of.

64bitsanimation responds:

And thamk you Gianni! We couldn't have done it without you and Sean! Absolutely amazing work!

Came together really swell! Everyone did really great work. A lot of fun spirit in these!

From this good doctor to you, Happy Halloween.

EntertheJebus responds:

Thanks for blessing this collab with your terrifying voice. Always great having you a part of these little toons.

Love it, your projects are always a good time, Kel! Thanks for having me!

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Hah! Thanks for using me in the intro, amigo. Fun little game, I didn't play too much of it but I'll tell you what, it does a satisfactory job and plays smooth enough at least far as I got. The visuals are one of the stronger parts of this particular piece. I think for the music it would have been awesome if for different waves, you used different audio pieces from robot days past, that would really bring a nice touch to it. Also, that panic button is what's up.

DanielCotorogea responds:

Thank you very much! I also thought about more music, but right now I was limited by the free version of the software and the tight deadline. I'll definitely solve this in the future :D

Didn't think I'd play the whole thing. Glad I did.

jimberly-chaotic responds:

I'm happy I converted you to communism!

Those koalas are bullshit and you know it. Hilarious.

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Sounds awesome! Great voice.

Great work, great variety, and you've done very well at the one thing many of us struggle with: keeping the reel brief. Wish I had more constructive stuff to say about it, but this pretty much nails what (people tell me) a reel is supposed to be!

Saminat responds:

Thanks so much man, it's really great that people are liking the demo so far!

Hello, I would like to subscribe to the Omnibox. However, there is one thing holding me back from purchase. I would like an additional box service that comes with a different monthly tool to open the boxes with, as I believe this will keep things spicy spiced up, and my subscribers will come pouring in by the boxful.

Yours boxly,

PM-Seymour responds:

Luckily we offer a monthly service The "I am A Tool" crate!

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Saranghamnida! Love the piece, my dude!


Great work as always!

Dahlia-K responds:

hahahahahah I can't hear you over all that yelling you're doing!

I love this! Also, this really reminds me of Junkrat from Overwatch. His design obviously comes from a lot of Blizzard's classic way of handling goblins, so it's no big coincidence or anything. These designs are radical. Like, everything I'm looking at from you is so cool.

I really love the visual style on a lot of the pieces, I don't know how to describe it really, like pixellated but not? It adds this cool, almost video gamey feel to it. However, I feel your work would be amazing in any style no matter what approach you took. Looking forward to more from you!

Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

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