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Sounds awesome! Great voice.

Great work, great variety, and you've done very well at the one thing many of us struggle with: keeping the reel brief. Wish I had more constructive stuff to say about it, but this pretty much nails what (people tell me) a reel is supposed to be!

Saminat responds:

Thanks so much man, it's really great that people are liking the demo so far!

Hello, I would like to subscribe to the Omnibox. However, there is one thing holding me back from purchase. I would like an additional box service that comes with a different monthly tool to open the boxes with, as I believe this will keep things spicy spiced up, and my subscribers will come pouring in by the boxful.

Yours boxly,

PM-Seymour responds:

Luckily we offer a monthly service The "I am A Tool" crate!

Apatheria comes back to remind us once more that he's the king and why. Thanks, fantastic work as always.

Good energy and a good voice. Keep it up!

MrsMeow responds:

Thank you for your kind word will do ^^

Sounds good. You have textures to your voice which work well for this kinda thing. You could do with improved technical audio quality, but hey, we ain't made of money so you can't just buy a fancy mic if you want, I get it, that takes time, don't worry.

Only really issue you had was some lines were kinda hard to understand. When voices are modulated to pitch down and stuff, this happens. It doesn't work for ALL lines, but sometimes speaking slower helps with the clarity of the words on stuff like this.

Sounds good though, keep it up!

Syrupmasterz responds:

I was probably speaking a little bit too fast towards the end as you mentioned. Most of my monster stuff is incoherent roars, so I still need to find a good balance between deep voices and audio clarity.

Technical quality will get better over time as well. :P

Thanks for the kind words!

Where's Billy and Mandy?


retroarcademonkey responds:

Shine on, ya crazy diamond.

Great stuff, I'll be looking forward to hearing more projects featuring you! Glad you're on NG!

MegaMoeka responds:

Aaaaaaaaa thank you! Hopefully I get more stuff on NG soon!

I am SirUndead and I approve these alternate takes! I already said all of my feedback to you in chat, but I'll make it PUBLIC right here that I adore this stuff and really love that you're trying to INTERPRET the characters into your own version rather than trying to flat out IMPERSONATE. 76 was definitely one of the most challenging characters you could have covered, even my voice isn't awesome, deep, or gravelly enough to really match him, and I'd say you handled the challenge like a champ.

Keep it up, I'll be looking forward to more!

retroarcademonkey responds:

Thank you so much for the review!

It was quite difficult to truly write decent lines for 76 as I'm not used to really writing any good smack-talk, especially when I know so little about the character in the first place, but hell, this is probably the best interpretation for Soldier 76 that I could've made.

SO YEA, thanks for being awesome, SirUndead!

Not too shabby, dude! Solid entry to the list of alternate takes on the coolest fella in Overwatch. Thanks for the heads up about this, and keep up the great work!

retroarcademonkey responds:

Thanks fer allowin this to happen, man.

Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

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