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I love this! It kinda reminds me of an awesome creepy male version of GLaDOS. It also sorta reminds me of this guy in a project I'm in, basically he leads a brainwashed place that's got that "everything is fine here, life is perfect, we don't need souls" feel to it. I haven't heard his voice or anything though, just read his lines.

But my point is this would be awesome playing out of old rusty intercom speakers in an insane asylum which has been abandoned, and inhabited by people who are potentially crazier than the former residents... Or something.

Right. Good work!

mrbipolar responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like this. I totally see what you are saying, this would sound awesome if it were coming out of some old decrepit speakers. Definitely a creepy ambiance at the least. Thank you for reviewing!


Oh man, this is awesome. I'm literally waiting for some flash animator to pick this up and turn it into an animation, because it seems practically inevitable to me.

Hearing the character say the word "salads" summoned a level of humor I did not expect it to.

Great work, keep this character up so well and you may have people telling you that you're not allowed to voice other characters. They may also suggest you train your normal talking voice to sound like this.

I love it, awesome job.

mrbipolar responds:

Thanks! I really enjoyed doing this recording and I was surprised by my own creativity. So yeh win- win here! And if this was animated... I would probably wet myself... just sayin


Very good stuff! There were only two voices and to be honest, that's something I really liked about it. All too often I hear folks just trying to do voices which they can't really do that well, and listening to the low quality of those dwarfs the level of respect they would have had if they just stuck to what they could do best. I'm not saying you flat out shouldn't try other voices and get practiced with them to improve your capabilities, just don't be shooting out like 30 characters right from the start.

There were a couple of moments in the first speech where the acting seemed just a tad off, but to be honest it wasn't really noticeable. The second one was great to my ears, sounded pretty believable. Not that I'm some expert, but I liked what I heard. Your voice itself is actually really good.

You could easily voice one of those pretty characters you draw, and that's quite the step in the right direction! Keep it up for sure! I for one will be looking forward to what future work comes from anjidu.


I like this form of voice demo, it's a clever little setup. I mean, on a professional level it's probably wrong, but fuck it, I liked it.

Although admittedly, if you do have multiple voices, they definitely weren't given enough time in this piece. You should probably shoot for equal ratios of talking in each voice type that you do, even if that's only a few voices.

However, on a vocabulary score, you get 10/10 for using the word "sextastifabulicious". I seriously love that word.

Your talking voice is good, your RAAAGE voice, to my ears, does need more work, anger, and energy. I mean no offense by that, also I didn't really get to hear enough of it to feel like I could give an accurate opinion. But when you do go at it, be careful with your input volume so you don't accidentally cause audio clipping, that annoying crackled distortion.

Tough guy voice I also didn't get to listen to enough to tell if I liked it or not, but from the brief second I heard, it seemed decent.

This is all just my opinion though, I'm an amateur myself so I could be all wrong, but I figured I'd drop a review because they're pretty infrequent to get on here, and it's nice to at least have a glimpse of what other folks think of it.

RegretfulExpert responds:

Well, it's just a quick soliloquy i wrote in about 5 minutes. i was just trying to make a quick example. i intend on doing some narrations of some of my better reviews, (One of them uses sextastifabuliciorific, LOL).
for the voices, yea my "RAAAGE" voice usually has a bit more emotional fervor in it xD. these are all just short examples, and my library of voices isn't limited to those 2, just to say. my only real challenge with this was lack of subject. that script is an exact replay of what i did for 15 minutes before typing it up. LOL,
Thanks for the 8/10, and the 10/10 for the word



You make it sound so easy. When I think of awesome voice actors on the net, you come to mind without fail, for very good reason.

Keep up the incredible work.


Ugh I love this so much. I think this is my favorite piece from you so far. It's a shame you don't have a higher quality mic, because I actually want to hear what it would sound like. I'm not saying go buy a better mic right now though, the stuff is fun to do but you gotta draw the line and be like "What, no, I'm not spending on it because I don't have the cash to spare right now, and this isn't actually going to generate cash for me, fun as it may be."

But if you DO get a better mic, I want you to record this again and submit it.

Your mic quality isn't so bad or anything, I mean honestly the quality of the mic is good enough to get you into parts, but I think I've gotten a few parts simply because my mic sounded better than some of the other auditions.

This is great though, seriously. Keep it up.

mrbipolar responds:

indeed... I needs money for a mic and since I mostly do not get paid for the stuff I do it is an impossiblity at the moment. Thanks for you feedback! I will most definitely record this again once I get a better quality mic.


Hah, this is pretty spot on a character actually. This also impresses me because it's drastically far off from your other submissions, which indicates awesome vocal range.

I'm taking a point off for a couple things, well of course you did this just for kicks so it's not like you put major effort into it, but anyway, here's my constructive nonsense.

Your mic, I think I already said that in another review though, the quality is actually decent but it's not quite on great. Not much you can do about that.

The words were kinda too fast, as though not enough pause between the lines.

But hah, major points for managing to pull of that whistling on the words, this would be great for some weird kind of character everyone loves to feel uncomfortable watching.

Actually it sounds just like Herbert from Family Guy, the pedophile. Maybe this is an actual quote from him and I failed to realize that. Whatever.

Good stuff man!

mrbipolar responds:

Yeh I have absolutely got to get me a new mic. This is not a direct quote of herbert though he is most definitely the inspiration for this voice. As far as the pauses I just talk fast by nature, once I get going kinda hard to stop myself. Thanks for the review man.


This was hilarious. One big problem is that your mic kinda crackles when you get loud, but without a higher quality mic that's something you can't really beat.

But I really loved this, the whale thing had me laughing.


This is awesome, there's good reason why you're one of the better known voice actors on the net. But the real reason why I'm commenting is because I think the format you used for the demo is great. The way you tell the poem is ear-catching.

I hear a lot of demos that use noises and music to set the mood better, and I understand that entirely, but at the same time it kinda covers up the voice, and I don't really like that. I mean obviously I'm some amateur and if anything I SHOULD be trying to cover up my flaws, but I don't think it's too complicated to let your voice speak for itself, hah.

Anyway, good luck with your path of inevitable success!


This is wicked, I need to get this to play out of the time clock at work when I punch in for my shift in the morning. Awesome tune. This would be great in a flash if used right, I hope it does someday.

LoneEagle responds:

Thanks for the review, it is much appreciated. Glad you like the song.

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