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Real smooth.

Plasmarift responds:

Thanks, man! I appreciate it!

10/10 would suicide again.

Great work. But uh, you didn't do this voice demo right. Four minutes is too much for a demo though, Twisted. I have to be honest with you here, see, I'm a real actor and I know how to make them.

Heh. I would think it, but I saw that this is just dicking around, which OF COURSE I immediately approve of.

Sounds like you've-- poor thing, you've been reading the comments again. For your own sanity, make sure you don't take a comment seriously BEFORE you start reading it, and then take it seriously if it proves its worth. The delusion that you might have a semi-rational bipedal commenter is one that will try your mental health and (certainly already jaded) faith in humanity if you let it go unchecked. Be sure to never treat your commenters with respect for them as if they are fellow humans, as, rest assured, they are not.

Do not feed one's desire attention as others may witness its feeding and begin to swarm for more. Do not pet the commenters. Do not make eye contact with them. Please make sure that you include their username when you screencap their absurd, offensive, ignorant, racist, assuming, mistyped, hateful, broken English, underage comment so that when you post it to social media, other creators are given some forewarning about particularly dangerous subjects. Do not make eye contact with them after the memo is posted, either.

You should've poked fun at professional headset puberty boy who expects commissions, girl who thinks shrieking is an archetype and all a reel needs, grown man whispering his lines, and of course guy who thinks his voice is way cooler than it is because his friends tell him it is out of pity for his lack thereof better features (yours truly).

Anyway you're like some giga-threat of talent so keep up the good work. Have me record some bullshit soon, my last piece with your name on it is too far in the past.

Twisted4000 responds:

That was the best review I've ever read

And YES you're gonna be in some stuff soon, do not worry, it's just GAH every time there's a project of mine that I invite you in I always screw it up somehow, lol. But it shouldn't happen again. Thank you.

Nine Inch Nails does an OST for Flyff.

- Uneducated Music Scum

Sounds great to me.

Twisted4000 responds:

Ha ha, thanks sir!


"I'm SirUndead, and after I listened to this voice demo, my passion for capitalism saw a three hundred percent increase."

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

That's what I like to hear! ;)

This is fucking awesome! Thanks so much! I'm honored! If you ever actually want me to record something for you, anything at all, let me know and it's no problem.

Rad work. I love it. Sounds great, too. Good tunes.

OZeros responds:

Thanks goes to you. you inspired me to make this one. I AM HONORED TO WORK WITH YOU! :)

The dance floor lit up like fireworks in July. I guess they had waited until I was outside for a smoke to show me their dance moves. I liked the party more from the inside though, so through the window we went. The party had only started an hour ago, but I had a feeling we were about to end all of this, right then and right there.

Boom. The base dropped. Boom. My cigarette hit the floor. Boom. Gunfire. Boom. The base dropped. Boom. Corpses to the neon ground.

Love it! I need to remember to open with "LISTEN, HERETIC!" more often. Good job on keeping your two mains sounding like different people throughout the bit, through each emotion and such, never having overlap with your own voice.

TomStheVoice responds:

Thank you kindly, Mr.Undead! Flattered to hear from a rather popular voice actor like yourself! :D

Love it! Really well done. Lots of style and pizzazz. Solid personality to it.

RYKEO responds:

Good old fashioned 1980s Saturday morning anime styled characters just the way i like them.
To think how far this project has come, its almost time buddy.


Honestly, never watched it. Lots of folks like it though. And it seems like every other pretty chick I meet dresses up as Finn or Fionna. But your voice is nice and smooth, and I'm a fan of small tidbits to keep the news feed active. Keep it up, girlie.

ATheatricalSongBird responds:


You should watch it! Such a quirky, lovable show. With voices actors like John DiMaggio & Tom Kenny taking part in the show, I simply couldn't resist! Thanking you very much- we still need to work together soon! Consider it a goal to achieve by the end of this year!

I loved the original and I love this one. It's cinematic enough to be in a movie for sure, but I also feel like it could have been pulled right from the Max Payne 3 soundtrack. Heh, only problem is that it would outshine a lot of the songs on the soundtrack.

KittenBeat responds:

Aha. Well thank you very much. :3

Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

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