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Fantastic work.

KittenBeat responds:

Thank you. u.u

Your ability to sound more like a kid than most kids I've met is nothing short of superb. I'd love to hear your take on older female characters, and I definitely think you have potential to do young boys-- wait, let me rephrase that; to do the voice work for young boy characters. You may have done it already, I just haven't heard it yet. But if you HAVE done it, I'd love to hear your demo reel on here for those other character types as well.

Nobody likes a one trick pony it seems, but I'll be honest with you, even if you WERE a one trick pony with this adorable little girl stuff, I'd still be sold every time. I'm keeping you in mind for the future, seriously.

chibiwings responds:

Thanks for your feedback! ^.^ Actually, my voice is too high for Adult Females and my little boy voice isn't good at all. I've told so many people that, so please take my word on it. XD My voice range is Female Child and Female Teen, with a few impersonations like Minnie Mouse. and I'm very happy with my range. lol Also I don't have a recent demo and I'm working on a new one. That's why I decided to go ahead and make a short one for my little girl voice to start with. I'm working on a full demo with my other voices mixed together. :) I can sound like a squeaky cat and a goat/sheep. LOL Anyway, yeah, little boy voices and lower voices like adult females...I just can't do them. Very high voice right here.

Kinda surprised I haven't heard of you before. I love this track, it establishes its purpose very well, and the song itself isn't just a one trick pony. The varied bits in there manage to carry the same mood and message through the whole song, while keeping the song from growing redundant. Sounds professional to me, but I'm no professional.

You're selling yourself short on those vocals. My expectations were pretty floored when you actually chimed in.

Excellent work indeed!

Very aptly titled! The only thing about this piece I would complain for, is that (in my uneducated opinion) it's uncomfortably between loop and song. It's not quite a loop although it could be very nicely used as one, but as a song I feel it lacks proper build-up or climax. It feels like it's leading into something... And then the song ends. Which is awesome for a loop, which this isn't designed to be.

I dunno, just my little thought on it. I hate not giving constructive thoughts and just dishing out "Righteous!" without any further note. I do love this song/loop...sloop? Slong? Ew, that word needs work. I do love this musical piece though. I can imagine a few scenes where this would work perfectly, it has cinematic value, which is my favorite type of value in music. Very good work indeed. Everything this song did, it did well. It's only the things it didn't do which I find myself missing.

But hey, it's ALWAYS a good thing to leave folks wanting more as far as I'm concerned.

AshleyAlyse responds:

Yeah, lately I've been labeling them as loops because I like them to repeat automatically. Shame on me. x) I do like that word, sloop. Slooooop. But you're right! I need to make them longer. I cannot right now, unfortunately, because my computer limits me. Someday though (hopefully soon) I will get one so I may create much longer and better songs! :) Thank you so much for your review! :D

Very good work for sure, with what I consider to be awesome audio quality.

I think, to say some constructive things on the demo, I'll express a couple of opinions about it. The first notable thing is that the majority of the different voices all sound very similar in actual voice type, which mind you is something that I myself am very far from mastering. Vocal range is a bitch. My suggestion is to either specifically feature in the demo voices which are more different from each other(regardless of personality types), or at least, if you are going to put in voices that sound similar, to space the lines from each other using the other much different voices as moments of intermission from it. And of course, keep practicing slightly out of your comfort zone as I'm sure you've done, over time and practice, vocal range comes.

Now, onto the thing that's most important to me; the acting. Well done I'd say. Your ability to do a variety of personalities is good, and what glimpse of accents this demo gives is promising. On your more intense emotions, you do let loose pretty well, although on some lines I get this vibe that you're holding back a little, from this audio. Of course, that might mean you did one hundred fucking takes of the line and burned yourself out on it like I would do, but you do certainly cut loose enough, so don't worry too much on that remark.

I dunno, that's all I got for right now. And of course, don't think too deeply on it since I don't have the experience or skills required to really give genuine advice to someone, these are just my opinions shaped in an attempt to say something constructive. It's not even constructive criticism, I give only an opinion, it's as simple and bland as that.

Keep it up!

Twisted4000 responds:

Thanks a bunch for all your words! I know my biggest problem is of course, the voices sounding similar, like regardless of how "good" the acting is, it sounds as if it's the same person doing that voice... that's what you were trying to say, right? If so then I completely agree, ha ha. And yeah there's a couple of voices I did that I like, never ever do (like that scientist and the old-man-sounding-person), that I know I didn't let loose enough on because those types of voices are out of my comfort zone, at least I would say. It all goes with the "finding out what voices you can and can't do" type of thing. Though I guess it's good for variety.

I'm glad an amazing actor like yourself thinks I did a pretty good job though, even if I do know that there's SO MUCH I gotta get better on, but thanks, means a lot!

Can't say I know the series, but I do certainly think that this is awesome acting. I think... perhaps, if the character is one who puts up a strong act, this sort of moment would have more... explosive power behind the upset, especially the yelling bit, but having not seen the series at all I can't say if that's how it actually is. Not explosive in an over-the-top, one dimensional emotion kind of way, but in more of a "Fine! You want my emotions!? You wanna know how fucked up I am on the inside!? Here they fucking are!" kind of way.

But also, knowing how the audio-clipping battle is, it's probably for the best that you didn't shoot for more. I could hear, in that one part, still a slight sound of trying to maintain emotional control. Which, like I said, could be the way it's MEANT to be. I know I personally would let go of control altogether, but that's because I'm a pretty unstable person I suppose.

ANYWAY, I didn't just wanna be like "Sweet acting bro", figured I'd at least TRY to leave some constructive (or at least thoughtful) input. So that thought of mine was something I had to deliberately dig for. Meaning, that this was a very well done piece.

Your acting skills keep improving, girlie. Watch out, you might just accidentally become a superstar at this rate.

anjidu responds:

Ooooohs, I will listen more carefully. :3 Thank you!!!! lol I am happy it wasnt something blatantly obvious :D I tend to hold back a lot in reality honestly. I think i let go the most while acting. Even when scared I just get all introverted and have a very blank voice and stare and everything. *kinda like a dear in the headlights*

thank you so much. It really means a lot hearing it from you. You have helped me a lot and I have def. enjoyed doing our skits together :D. We should do more of them sometime ^.^

This song is aptly titled, although I think one cool thing about it is that it could easily fit into a few scenes of varied emotion. I really like it.

Keep up the good work!

FreesiaRose responds:

I was thinking about a person (let's say, it's a girl...) trying to confess to the other person (her love, the guy...well...yeah...and the girl is me! DX Not really. I haven't confessed anything yet. Well, I'm pretty hesitant at love speeches...)...and pretty much I was thinking about it the whole way I was composing this. You can read the story in the Author's Comments section.

:) Thank you for your support, SirUndead!

Hahah, never thought I'd be in a dubstep song. Ghost is pretty awesome and definitely deserves this salute. Lemme know if you'd ever like me to actually record stuff for you, I'd be happy to.


I LOVE it. Not only do I hope you win the contest, but I hope this character has a bright future with your voice behind it. It reminds me a lot of the Portal character Space Core, and plenty of other hyperactive yet adorably stupid characters, but despite the similarity I want to hear more of this guy.

Excellent work!

TomStheVoice responds:

Thank you very much, kind sir! :)
Just checked out your entry, and I gotta say, it sounded badass! You voice always does!


Right off the bat, reminds me of... Ahh shit, the transexual in the Pleasure Island series... Can't remember the name right now, what a horrible fan I am.

This take on Throbulator was exactly what I was thinking. "Do I run from it, or do I fuck it?".

I don't know if this will be what they're looking for on the Throbulator character, they might want more monstrous sounding with special effects and whatnot, but you seriously nailed this voice whether or not this voice nails the character.

I hope you win anyway because I'm sure this would be hilarious to watch.

mrbipolar responds:

Yeh I was not sure what to think of this creature when I first saw it. Is it male? female? some amalgamation of the two? So yeh I thought this would be a great voice for it. It just seemed to... fit. (in my opinion)

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