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You got a good natural voice. It's pretty unique and has a certain depth and character that sadly too many female VAs are kinda lacking. I'm very, very far from being a pro with any right to give even constructive criticism, so take my words here with pounds of salt. Your acting, though not the worst I've ever heard, needs improvement, but don't take remark that too harsh, the improvement very much just comes with experience and in the not too distant future you'll listen back on this and be like "Oh my god, I sounded like THAT? GROSS" hahah.

Your vocal sound has the potential to be really great for a LOT of things, but to be truthful when I heard this demo my first thought was "This would be killer in the mumblecore style." Look it up if you haven't heard of it, it's a style I really like.

I'll have my eye, well, ear on you. I'll be looking forward to your next pieces and your inevitable improvement as long as you keep with it. Have fun!

jenninexus responds:

Oh heya thanks a lot for your valuable input Sir! Your opinion means a lot and I look forward to gaining the experience necessary to become really good at all things I do. I looked up mumblecore and watched some examples on YouTube - interesting! Looks like something that could help bridge the gap between me being a beginner to a more confident (voice)actress . I'm eager to get my characters up and at it and that's my main drive in learning to be comfortable with my voice so I can voice characters and get better at storytelling in my future games.

Thanks for your encouragement and support - btw your voice is amazing & inspiring! You're clearly a pro!

Good vocal texture. I think you'll do quite well! Looking forward to more pieces featuring you.

I'm more of a blues man, but I can still appreciate other stuff, and I gotta say, you're one of my favorite artists on this site, amigo. Keep it up!

Well I don't have clout or anything but I say this is really solid. I think the bit at the end is your strongest one in the demo, but the rest hardly fall short of its bar. I bet you're gonna do really well.

bluebomberimo responds:

Thanks for the kind words and feedback man!

The dark, dramatic mood and slow stomp kinda reminds me of some of Cash's later work, but only a bit. Great tune. Keep it up.

Yeah, I'm glad you're uploading the stuff from YouTube. Newgrounds is a great way to get additional exposure, as well as feedback if you care about feedback. Most of the feedback won't have much meaning, but there are some great users on here with great things to say. I'm not one of them, hah.

On this piece, really well done. I'm not huge into Frozen, but this was nice. I worked at a local zoo, and for Halloween we hired an Elsa actress from like Disney or whatever to sing all the songs with the kids while doing a costume parade or something, and your voice kinda reminded me of hers but honestly a bit better here.

Thanks for opening your content up to NG, thus enabling me to even know you existed really.

ComicLoverGirlNo1 responds:

Well TBH We have actually worked on a project together recently called "Pokemanly" I was one of the voices for your character. I was the human understanding of Pikachu XD

Sounds great, keep it up. A lot of folks would tell you the reel's too long, ideally around one minute or so is good, but three minutes is hardly an outrage if you ask me. Good voice, solid range. Some technical audio quality issues in places, though I'll admit I didn't listen with headphones like a good boy this time. Definitely nothing to be ashamed of though, the technical audio quality is fine. Looking forward to more from you.

ComicLoverGirlNo1 responds:

Thank you so much! This really means a lot! I have had this on Youtube for about a month or so then recently I was advised to put it on Newgrounds so here it is! Thanks again for your honest review! I really appreciate it ^_^

Sounds great. Nice big, stomping beat. Kinda wish there was more of it, and some more variation within it, but this piece is great for sure.

There's a smooth yet dark texture to your voice that I really like. It's not too deep, but it's deep enough for sure. Yet you manage to use range like a pro and do roles, not just do voices on a reel, but do full roles way outside what your regular voice would elude to. Consider me a fan.

Also Olivia Steele is probably one of the coolest names I ever heard, which is funny because I just finished complimenting CodeBlackHayate for being named Bindy Coda and-- now that I think about it-- Piper Petrie, Aimee Smith (ATheatricalSongbird)... You girls sound like your names were pulled straight out of comic books and now I'm starting to wonder if you're all actually part of some fucked up renegade version of Charlie's Angels or something... But I digress,

While I'm confident you've done this for much longer than I've known of you, I really like you right off the bat. Amazing voice, keep up the solid work. I'll be listening for sure.

OliviaSteeleVO responds:

Thank you very much!! :D This means a lot to hear you say!

Haha, I guess the Illuminati is confirmed!

Well aside from the shock of you possibly having the coolest name since Max Fightmaster, your demo is also staggeringly impressive. What's there to say? Keep it up.

Bindy responds:

Thank you! I think Max Fightmaster has a nice ring to it too. Sounds like a cool anti-hero with his own comic.

Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

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