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Your voice is pretty good but I think you should re-upload this with real lines or a long paragraph or something, this doesn't really give enough listening material to figure out how you would sound in a part.

That's just my opinion though. Good stuff, you're cool to listen to.

zekeeriks responds:

Thanks for the compliment. I just did it on a whim. Some of the guys just wanted a quick clip of something. I may redo it make a little bit longer possibly 30 or so. Anyway thanks for your advice.


I like it, you're pretty good at conveying the emotion in the lines, which is a really important thing a lot of people forget about. Still room to improve on that though, sometimes it sounds like you got a little lost in the lines, but definitely good work.

Your voice itself is actually quite good, smooth and clear, went well with the story. Complimenting someone's natural voice is a pretty awkward experience, but I'll just go ahead and say yours was nice to listen to.

My biggest complaint is that honestly, it's too quiet. I'm not saying you need to talk louder, but perhaps use the Amplify feature to boost the volume or something. I'm no professional so that could be horrible advice, but that's the way I'd do it. I had to crank the volume to max and adorn my headphones just to hear you.

Also your mic has some static noise associated with it, of course I'm not gonna say to buck up and go buy a proper mic, but perhaps you should also toy with the Noise Removal feature to remove some of it.

Nice stuff though, it was definitely worth uploading!

anjidu responds:

thank you so much ^_^ (i will keep that in mind)

:3 thank you very much on that as well.

yea, when i amplify it gets even more static and noise. i still need to figure out how to make it decent quality. im working with a rock band mic so idk how much better it is going to get >.<. im trying to get some money to get a preamp converter bc apparently my dad has an old mic from the 70's or something (but i tend to be bad with money and spend it almost immediately after i get some TT.TT)

thank you so much. im happy you enjoyed :D and thank you for the constructive criticism. ^_^


Your voice is actually pretty good, but unfortunately it sounds to my ears that your new mic is of questionable quality. That's going to be a big turn off for most listeners, but don't take too much personal offense because your actual voice is nice, it's just hard to tell that when the audio quality is taking a beating.

mrbipolar responds:

I agree with you on the quality. I am hoping that once I get the rest of my equipment together my quality shall improve. Here's hoping! Thanks for the review!


Oh Seymour, you always upload stuff that doesn't seem to serve any purpose at all and yet is still fun to listen to.

PM-Seymour responds:

why thank you sir :D I aim to please


Your mic is pretty solid quality, and your voice is too. The only thing I thought was really snagging you here was just your reading of the lines, you were kinda getting lost in the words. Which is what happens when you record it a thousand times, get tired, and then record it a thousand more times anyway.

You have a nice voice though, my only other gripe is that this submission seemed a little quiet. If you use Audacity, there's this little effect called "Amplify" which can pretty much just boost the volume of your recording. Not like I'm an expert, but that's my take on it.


Look, I'm not knowledgeable at all when it comes to music, so I can't really tell you if this song "excelled in technical execution" or something. But what I can definitely tell you is that I seriously loved this song. The kinda rough sound to it combined with the melody hit the mood for the title just right in my book.

Crazzydrummer responds:

Thanks a Bunch, It means a lot to hear that, I barely get any recognition here so I take what i get to heart, thanks a bunch man, I'm very glad you like it. Also thanks for the rating i Digg it.

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