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Airdorf on NG!? Hell yeah!

Hah! Thanks for using me in the intro, amigo. Fun little game, I didn't play too much of it but I'll tell you what, it does a satisfactory job and plays smooth enough at least far as I got. The visuals are one of the stronger parts of this particular piece. I think for the music it would have been awesome if for different waves, you used different audio pieces from robot days past, that would really bring a nice touch to it. Also, that panic button is what's up.

DanielCotorogea responds:

Thank you very much! I also thought about more music, but right now I was limited by the free version of the software and the tight deadline. I'll definitely solve this in the future :D

Didn't think I'd play the whole thing. Glad I did.

jimberly-chaotic responds:

I'm happy I converted you to communism!

Those koalas are bullshit and you know it. Hilarious.

I don't know if I ever told you this, but Orange Roulette is one of my legitimate favorite games of all time.

My mission was simple. Bring down Lupino's gang one mook at time. I wasn't expecting the street to be endless. They weren't expecting to conveniently line up one after another only when I would have tactically impeccable cover. Or were they...?

I was in too deep. The trap had worked too well and yet not well enough. It was time to end this, one streetlight at a time.

I know a good handful of people that would want me to write something like "Still better than Dragon Age 2."

Man, archery is so fucking cool. That character design is really great, I'm a fan of it. Green Arrow eat your heart out.

Your art and atmosphere is absolutely lovely, and I'd love to see the concept go a little further, whether it's game, animation, or Dragon Age 3.

10/10 would mock EA in the comments section again.

Normally things like this don't do it for me, in some pieces it's almost too minimalistic where it comes off as lazy despite the message, but in this the minimalism was perfectly done and resulted in a touching experience.

Most notably I'm impressed at how you can get that "oh shit, goosebumps" feeling in such a short period of time, where a lot of pieces have to build you up to that longer.

dylan responds:

Thanks! I was a bit worried about working with such a limited color pallet, especially after just using the same kind of cool-colors-only style in Pine, but I think it worked out when I decided to start throwing a few shades of red into the mix.

Games that are basically like paid ads are fine and help keep the site alive. That's what the "Promoted Games" section is for, I think. It being a "Featured Game" could have even been a mix-up, since it's now just in the "Promoted Games" area of the front page.

So I don't care about this being on NG's front page at all, that's fine and I'm glad if NG is getting some additional income via big-name sources like CW.

But what I will say (as a bit of a nerd), is that Green Arrow deserves so much better than this. That's where you dropped the ball. He's one of my favorite characters, and this is just lame. I don't know if you actually call him "Arrow" and not Green Arrow in the show, but that's a bad idea.

The actor doesn't really look the part, and while I'm absolutely HAPPY to see a reboot of any comic concept in the name of originality, all I see with your deviation from the source material is that you made it more generic to try to garner a wider audience. The problem is that it's still too nerdy for the "wider audience" to love anyway, and the nerds won't like it because you went off-track with the source material. Plus, to be honest, the "wider audience" is increasingly nerdy all the time. Just my impression, I still need to get around to WATCHING the show, as I will admit that I haven't watched it yet. Maybe I'll feel differently once I see it, I hope I do, but I'm not betting on it.

You can't just do Smallville and swap out the main character with another DC hero. That's not how characters work.

If you fellow viewers want a good archery experience, go take up archery, trust me it's a lot of fun. Or play that archery game on the Wii. If you want a good Green Arrow experience, pft, go play DC Universe Online. It's your closest bet and it's free.

Finally, a game I can relate to.

samulis responds:


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