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Truth be told, I'm still a little dissatisfied with the voice work I did on this. However, the game itself is a good time! I don't have anything against emos, but this project was fun to be a part of. Excellent work guys.

Also, that menu screen is really good. I don't normally think to myself "Mmmm... That's a damn sexy menu screen", but I really like this one.


Your games are always fun to play, but seriously, I think I coulda done a better job for voice work than whoever this loser is. Next time you need a GOOD voice actor, just go ahead and let me know and I'll be more than happy to help.

No really, it's an excellent game and I love being a part of it. There's a couple of things I think I coulda done better but none the less I'm still pleased with the result, I look forward to working with you in the future.

Jimp responds:

hahaha I think you did a perfect job! If you accept my portal buddy request ill add you as coauthor! Thanks again!


I feel like I could zone out on this for hours, seriously the only thing I wish about this game is that there was a deluxe version of it I could buy and play on my 360. Definitely don't let the BattlePaint concept die out entirely, it's wicked fun.

This is your first submission to the site, ooh, I have a feeling I'm gonna be seeing you on the front page in the future. Your menu color scheme even matches the site, I don't know if you did that on purpose, but either way it was a clever move because it actually did make even the menu feel more natural.

As for constructive critique? I dunno, like other folks said I guess, more enemy types, maybe an upgrade system but I dunno, some games are better without it for smoothness purposes, like Geometry Wars. By the way, I got to about level 40 and I loved how the enemies would start spawning in the path I was trying to run, that was fun. I wonder how this game would be if I could use mouse to shoot but I am sure that thought crossed your mind too and it was your decision to use arrow keys. Still, mouse shooting may help the game flow smoother.

Good work, looking forward to more from you.


When I first loaded this game, I thought I was going to be over it in no time. But this is really awesome, I feel like I could burn hours on this.

I love the little bits of humor from the prince too, "Don't forget to save!" made me laugh.

Materialist129 responds:


The prince cracked us up too.


This game really reminds me of Nitrome's awesome retro games. And that's a great thing. Keep up the good work.


I liked the smoothness of the controls the most to be honest. The game moved at a good speed and responded instantly, rather than some games where it feels like you're watching thirty seconds of animation upon pressing "right" before you actually start moving...slowly.

In depth version will certainly be fun. Though I thought the vitamin was a cigarette at first, perhaps up the graphics a little bit.

squidsquid responds:

Yeah I'll get an actual artist to do graphics if I make another version ;)


I love this game, in fact, I love all Nitrome games.

At first I looked at it and wondered why you were only JUST NOW uploading this one when it's old now, then I realized, this is practically just to plug your latest Elder installment. Which also rocks.

Anyway I love you guys and your work so do keep it up. Best web games on the net.


Brilliant piece, and stuff like this is always welcome.

Great job on it!

The Halloween twist is awesome.

SilverStitch responds:

Hehe thanks~~
I was always going to do this, I just decided to release on Halloween~~ =)

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