2013-06-20 15:10:26 by Gianni

I've noticed this site has a rising amount of original content, much of which isn't even comedic. This is good news for me, as it gives me more things I actually want to watch, but more importantly, more things I'd actually love to play a role in.

So if you're a creator passing by my page, by all means contact me for voice work stuff. If you're one of the Crows flying through, I thank you for your time.


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2013-06-20 15:59:06

Ca Caw!! =D

Gianni responds:

Your vocals sound really good and professional to me, though I'm no expert on the subject.


2013-06-20 17:07:45

Oh wow thank you! I wasn't expecting a reply I was just being a crow haha!

Then may I add that your voice also sounds very professional to me, The Aphrodite clip i listened to was excellent! You got my 5.


2013-06-21 03:14:42

I'll keep you on my list in case I have any serious/dramatic pieces coming up!

Gianni responds:

I almost cried when the private died in Spaceman. But seriously though, thank you.


2013-06-21 03:43:13

Yeah there's more content, just less people voting :\
Your voice is so powerful, it can kick a butt.

(Updated ) Gianni responds:

I've never been one for the whole concept of giving pieces of art numerical values. To me it's just like, everything has so many little quirks one can deeply enjoy. Sure, the overall production quality of a ten might be higher than a six, but that doesn't guarantee someone will like it or not. I'll go through shitty games or shows or whatever, and I'll be like "Yeah, this isn't that great, but it had potential here, here, and here. And I really thought it was cool when this did that."

Something could be stellar in its quality but still fail to connect to me. Not to say tens never connect to me, but the statistics are all over the board, going by number is generally a failed philosophy in my experience. Except with women. If you're not at least a six, we're done here.

Although this isn't me saying "It should be like YouTube with comments and likes". I don't get too deep into all that site renovation stuff, since most of it goes way over my head.



2013-07-02 04:07:35

I've been noticing it too, it IS pretty cool that some un-comedic original stuff is coming out slightly more than usual lately, though sadly I know it will pass, I think we just happen to be in a interesting little spot right now. The satires will return soon...

Also I think part of that reason is because most of the popular parody-satire-surreal-animators have left Newgrounds and upload to YouTube, and though I don't want to name them here, I can easily name at least 5.

I feel the same way though, I mean I LOVE action and fighting scenes, but unfortunately I happen to be one of the only people who puts them in videos anymore. And guess what, I HAVE a non-comedy series going to be in production soon as well as a more serious-toned action fighting whatever-you-want-to-call-it short. I may be able to get you to voice in something again soon.


Gianni responds:

You're so great. I even like your comedies. They're either blatantly over-the-top in a really sarcastic way, or it'll be like a sitcom on an acid trip. Like if someone accidentally spilled a cup of Metal Gear Awesome onto the script for Friends. There's good depth, and I'll always remember you as one of the more major names during the really parody-heavy frame of time to go "Guys, what the fuck is this? We can draw anything we want to. Let's do more than Skyrim and Pokemon. No? Just me? Okay, fuck it. Just me then."

I'll voice the piss out of it.


2013-08-04 08:08:06

Hey. You there!
Just found a pretty epic opportunity here on the forums-
The last post- a narrator role for an iOs app!
Think it might be right up your alley!
Let me know if you do try out, and good luck! XD

Gianni responds:

I played Little Big Planet once at a friend's house, it was pretty cool. They sold me at the ability to wear a ruffled shirt.

I sent the dude a PM, thanks a bunch superstar.


2013-08-12 22:04:03

This may sound stupid, are you the one in Unfortunate Girl:TWO who said "This place may not seem welcoming"? If so I love your voice, and I like comedic stuff... :c

Gianni responds:

Nah, that was some other lovely talent, I just played dad. Thanks though!