My voice works again.

2013-04-01 21:57:14 by Gianni

After being sick multiple times, I've gotten my mic turned on again today and played a bit of catching up with my incredibly patient contacts.

I'd like to make a statement though, I'm looking for work outside of comedy. This isn't an anti-parody thing and I do think comedies are fun, but they're not really my primary interest and I feel that I've fallen further into them than I intended to, looking at the projects I've worked on. Especially the ones on Newgrounds, but regular visitors to the site won't be surprised there.

I will still continue to work with the people I currently work with on their comedic projects, but for future projects from new contacts, I'm going to try to avoid the comedy scene a little bit. I still like jokes in projects of course, but I don't so much have deep interest in projects which feature comedy as a main objective.

Not a resignation from laughter, just a notice for the direction my interest is shifting in.

And no, I'm not "better than it". Hahah, now THAT would be a joke.


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2013-04-01 22:00:50

Oops, I posted this on April 1st. HAHAH! I was wrong, now THAT, THAT is a joke.

But my post is dead serious, for realsies. Oh the irony. Can I tag people yet? @Paxilon


2013-04-01 22:26:13

Oh...its...*you.* Pfeh.
Don't worry man, I'm making a show with a perfect role: you play a down-on-his luck banker for wall street who keeps himself alive on alcohol and heroin. But after he gets kicked out of the local casino for the fifth time he learns that he has several fatal diseases probably contracted a few weeks before at the funeral of his entire family, who were killed when the bus they were riding on crashed into the side of a school and ruptured a gas main which in turn asphyxiated everyone within a ten-block radius.

(Updated ) Gianni responds:

Spoiler alert, kids.

I think it really falls apart at the part where he contracted several fatal diseases at the funeral of his entire family. It's not so much that I don't understand contracting terminal crabs at a funeral as I've done it a few times, it's more than I don't think the simultaneous contraction of several different versions of terminal crabs is going to fly with the medical fact-checking crowd. They'd pick it apart and blast us for not stopping at four.

But yeah, I'll do it.


2013-04-02 00:25:50

Damn, you're right--well, I guess that's why editors exist, to check out the facts. But I figure if we overblow the facts a bit then maybe we can scare people into being more aware of funeral-borne crabs. I know it seems a little underhanded, but as we've established, it's a serious problem that needs to be addressed.
And hey, you can write, right? Since we're all being serious right now, I figured I would ask to a serious question because it's seriousness. I'll get more info for you later, but we *might* need help in the script department for that cyborg project I mentioned waaaay back.

Gianni responds:

If I didn't know you better, I'd say that the last question was serious and the rest of the paragraph was a joke. Har har. Not you, though.


2013-04-02 10:45:22

*grabs shoulders and shakes*


2013-04-03 19:23:55

I understand, ha ha it's fine. The problem is though, most animators will tell you that comedies are simply more fun and a bit easier to make than stuff that is more serious, which is why you don't see a whole lot of serious stuff on places like Newgrounds. But good luck anyways. Oh and by the way I just finished Dual Force after 7 months of waiting, if you hadn't noticed.

Gianni responds:

I did, this morning before work. Great job on it. If I don't get around to a REAL review, just know that your comedies will always be fine in my book. You try to stick with original content, usually have some form of character development, and do manage to create some form of a storyline to follow. The fight scene felt a little out of place, I'll admit, but I'm actually glad it was there because it was fun to watch and spiced up the animation a bit.


2013-04-03 21:51:15

Wow, even for a half-paragraph review, that was pretty solid, I must say. I feel the same way about the battle scene, however of course I always love battle scenes and everything, and I think the entire video was a little off-beat from start to finish, you have comedy, but also involving these demon characters and a fairly serious situation hovering around everything... AAAH! But yeah, next video I'll be sure to keep a more steady mood.