The Murder Grows

2013-01-25 10:36:15 by Gianni

And here I find myself with 299 crows. That's righteous. It's a relatively small number, but still, the idea that I could get a number of people that high to enjoy my work at least a little bit just by doing something I naturally enjoy doing is motivational indeed.

I won't be quitting any time soon. Although I do probably need to work on my networking skills, utilizing more websites, looking for more auditions, and seeing about getting minor roles in bigger projects. I can't really just wait for roles to come to me the way I kinda have for a while. I think that huge Dust project is a perfect example. I had no idea that was even a thing until it was released and I saw all the stuff on the front page about it.

I probably need to network more. And stop flirting with potential business contacts.

Thanks to every single person who favorited me, and all the people who listen regardless of that feature.


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2013-01-25 14:43:58

1+ = 300 <3

Gianni responds:

You're the 300th? Why thank you. It seems you like to draw very sexual content. This fact pleases me even more.


2013-01-29 10:48:06

So what, exactly, is the number of fans one must have before one can give them a collective title? I might start whoring myself out so I can give a group of people a cool name. I've always gotten props for mimicry, so maybe I can hook up some sweet voice action.