2012-08-25 17:16:04 by Gianni

I'll try to keep this brief. I was going to follow that with "!" and show you a picture of a briefcase, but that would be a terrible joke and I would never let people know I come up with such awful ideas.

- Still doing voice work, looking for hentai gigs that pay more than anything. I tried begging Zone-Sama but evidently my voice just doesn't fit hot girl roles "no matter how many auditions you send in, please stop spamming me."

- I've taken an interest in learning more about live acting, working with local groups to look into that more. Nothing exciting to report yet.

- Darksiders 2 is the best game ever.

- Busy with work and life, but who isn't, really.

- Still undead, no signs of life yet.

- I think I stopped taking this list seriously.

- Go find voice actors at the VAC and the VAA!



- Here's my current voice demo! Evidently the website won't let me ever submit anything again, so here's the Box file! Yay!

- Go watch this awesome animation that coincidentally stars me if you want!

- And I leave you with a half naked picture of me!


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2012-08-25 17:30:19

Where's the half naked picture of you? What if someone wanted to see that, hmm?

But anyway yeah good job and good luck with everything you're doing these days, ha ha!

Gianni responds:

The picture is there. It's the lower half of me, so there isn't much to see.


2012-08-25 18:31:23

Darksiders 2... or Team Fortress 2?

Gianni responds:

It's a matter of opinion, although Karn does kinda look like Heavy in his close-ups.

Also, since I don't have a gaming PC, I'm more likely to vote Darksiders 2, considering how TF2 is considered worthless on console I guess, and Darksiders 2 is having a fiasco on PC.


2012-08-26 14:15:02

Yes, and I can voice the male. We would make a perfect sandwich.

Gianni responds:

Remember, only if it pays though. I'm trying to maintain a professional reputation, here. The whole point of "sex sells" needs to be actually selling sex, we can't just be GIVING out the fapping material.


2012-08-29 20:54:00

I'm 100% positive you don't remember me, i really helped you one day, i gave you some amazing advice on one of your audio submission but you deleted it, i say it was amazing because thats one of the best advice i ever gave out but its gone now.I think i told you one day you will get noticed and your voice appreciated, and it happen pain to the Max was amazing, good work man.

Gianni responds:

I remember you! You commented on the OLD version of that stupid Repercussions of Evil spoof I did, which I took down and replaced with a new version. The new version fucking blows too, I'm tempted to take it down but whatever, I like the concept enough to try to pretend it never happened and just refuse to ever click on it, but still leave it up.

Thanks for being a bit of a fan of mine. I appreciate anyone who listens, and more still, anyone who gives feedback. Makes it feel worthwhile to know that someone fucking SOMEWHERE is listening to anything I put out.

I like your art, I never saw it before but looking at it now, your paintings are cool, to me anyway.

Really, thank you!


2012-08-29 21:44:44

Dude plz you're worth it, stop beating your self with a hammer because you think you suck LOL hammer i crack myself up sometimes... Anyways just stop caring if its good or bad just have fun and try to improve on everything you dude, when you will get a lot better and you wont even notice it.

I made some music and i posted it here, i don't care who likes it what matter to me in when i look back when i was making it i was having fun also i wrote a small script, I'll send it to you.Just Free yourself from yourself LOL im making killer quotes and everything.

(Updated ) Gianni responds:

Oh I don't worry about it. I say it sucks because I have the taste to tell that on a quality level, it does. I see some potential with the things I do on here and with other websites and people, and more importantly, I see myself improving ever so slightly over time.

I do all of this stuff for fun and practice. If I was getting paid it would be beating myself, but I'm not, so it's just all for pleasure.

Which is the main reason I seek acting anyway. I saw your script, I glanced over it, saw some cool stuff. I'm thinking I can't promise anything with an animator (since... I don't really have "connections" like that, they just do things and let me tag along for the most part), but I'm thinking if nothing else I could just record an audio project, maybe getting some sound effects and using songs from the portal.

I'm putting it on my list, but the list is long, so it'll be a while. Thanks for sharing it with me at all!


2012-08-30 15:53:51

No problem i think you're cool, i fanned you.

Gianni responds:

Thanks, it gets really warm down here. WHWU/Txx0ZNiw8DI/AAAAAAAACa4/rlQE wSPm8oU/s1600/small-fan.jpg