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Gianni's News

Posted by Gianni - June 10th, 2014

The truth is that most of my fans are like thirteen year old boys who heard me in a parody a couple of years ago and thought it was cool that I sounded like Spike Spiegel or Master Chief or whatever so they clicked the little heart next to my username, and most of them don't really exist or interact with me or anything, especially years later like this when I've had so many periods of being off the grid entirely.

But that's fine, because even for that one little gesture I'm really grateful. It's more appreciation than I'd ever reckon myself to get for chatting into a mic.

Here's a Vine I made for you. Yes. You.


Now go follow Paxilon for making me this awesome image.

And go follow SpikeVallentine for making this radical NATA entry starring myself AND--

And the hot-- I mean TALENTED Piper who you should go follow for being one of the sickest VAs on the net. Be sure to keep hiring her to play my daughter even though she's older than I am. No, seriously. She's great at it. Playing kids I mean-- Not uh-- Not being old--Wait--.

And go follow Bocodamondo for continuing his ambitious Dragonball series featuring me.

I've got my social networking shit linked in the side so go follow whichever of those you like most. I mostly waste my time on my Twitter though, to be honest.

Thanks to every crow who still listens for the graveyard's groans.


Posted by Gianni - May 27th, 2014

New audio voice demo!

New video demo reel also!

I dunno why I made the video, to be honest. I dunno anything about video editing. I don't even have videos of roles with vocal variety (which is something I'm not known to be awesome with anyway), which is what a demo is for. Looks good on the website though.

Speaking of websites, I should promote this crap eventually:

Follow me on Twitter for a combination of personal posts and voice actor updates:

Follow me on Vine for dumb bullshit videos which suck and hungrily paw at the attention of more famous people:

Don't follow me on YouTube. I don't know how to make videos so I don't.

Follow me on Facebook for strictly voice actor updates:

I also have a Skype and Steam account which is linked in the side of my NG profile here in case you want that.

Really I only look at Twitter all the time though. I just link and update the others in case people prefer them or something. I dunno.

Posted by Gianni - May 12th, 2014

It must be SirUndead Appreciation Week or something, because I've gotten some crazy surprises pertaining specifically to delighting me.

Paxilon made this fucking brilliant piece of artwork FOR ME. That is INSANE. I dunno why the colored version isn't uploaded to the art portal yet, but I'm sure I can persuade her with the bi-polar goodbad cop routine so you can go 5-bomb TWO versions. I hate you all because she's the best artist on the internet and I still have to keep spamming you bastards to get the word out that she exists. FUCK.

Some guy I didn't even know existed came out of the blue and dropped an audio piece on my head featuring a recording I did a while ago, and it sounds pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

Fearless Fantasy comes out on May 15th, and I'm baaaaarely in it, BUT I'M IN IT-- So that's all that matters to me. I was playing it and it's actually fun. No, really. I thought it would suck--KIDDING, that man is a twisted gift to the planet. It's a good time. Look into it. I wanted to make a "STEAAAMMM!! --version!" joke here, but I'm not Stamper so fuck me.

Also, I did an audio piece dared by a friend.

And last, this doesn't relate to me at all, but you need to go watch The Begun of Tigtone so you can start to truly even exist in reality.

Posted by Gianni - April 27th, 2014


It's not mine. It's Paxilon's. But I'll be in the chatroom talking shit and drinking down my jealousy for her talent.


Posted by Gianni - April 18th, 2014

I fan-made a commercial for their podcast because I'm a lame nerd fangirl.




has some great material you should really go through. My favorite is "Germans Play Monopoly".


Posted by Gianni - April 9th, 2014

Ooh, my first ever front page post. I'll try to keep this brief. Hi, I'm SirUndead. I'm on here mostly as a voice actor. For those of you who don't know of me, you may vagely recall me as guy who sounds like cheap knockoff of Batman, guy who sounds like cheap knockoff of Max Payne, or my personal favorite, guy who sounds like cheap knockoff of Spike Spiegel.


For those of you who do know of me, I still have that vocal injury from the August work incident, and it still causes me to be unable to record a lot of days, and at a fraction of my vocal power on days I can record, with sessions not being able to last long at all. Boo hoo. Medical treatment oughtta be soon enough. May, I think.

I'll use this post to plug Police Cops. It ain't perfect, but's pretty slick, so go watch it fella!


Oh, and I'm also going to use it to plug Paxilon, (who's going to make a bad joke about my use of the word "plug" and I can't stop her) whose art is fucking amazing with my favorite gritty stylization out of most of the artists I've seen on the net. I'm not even just saying that because she's the only one who will play Max Payne with me, or created the art I stole for my icon stuff.3045828_139709504761_fuckyeah.png

Posted by Gianni - April 8th, 2014

Hey! This thing is pretty slick. It ain't perfect, but it's damn good!


So watch it, fella! If you dig Lupin or <3 Cowboy Bebop <3, then you might dig this. Or, alternatively, if you have good taste at all, you might dig this.

Posted by Gianni - February 12th, 2014

Just a little update for any folks who read these. I think that's limited to VicariousE and the spambots, but whatever, I for one welcome our Vicarious overlord.

Six months later and I still have issues with my voice/sinuses/throat/nasal passages. Money I didn't have to spare was wasted on an ENT dottore who basically ran out of ideas. Fuck.

But I am in a real life theater acting class, so hopefully I can eat less shit on technique to pick up for my seemingly dying novelty voice.

I ain't done. I ain't dead. I don't get to get dead. I'll use the few good days my voice picks at random and I'll record these fucking scripts because it's something I enjoy doing. The damage from acid burning my insides with death fume can eat shit and I'll fail my way to the grave if that's how far it goes.

I dunno, Kel-chan thinks it might just take a long time to heal. Hope she's right. Speaking of her, keep an eye on her, she's got a project I think you're really gonna like in the works, I know I do. I literally begged her ass to count me in.

SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY...3045828_139225405423_sirundeadforum-Copy.png

Posted by Gianni - November 26th, 2013

Other than complementing my Max Payne shrine, this bottle of pills the doctor gave me for my chronic rhinosinusitis seems to be helping quite a bit. Furthermore, this is definitely the funnest thing to say I've ever come down with. Really has rhythm and flow.

Speaking of Max Payne, I did this:http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/557541

and Vagilon did this: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/paxilon/chaos-and-luck

Now, I don't give a shit how much you justifiably hate my mediocre work, but the more days which pass without that fucking masterpiece being praised as the next Mona Lisa, the more graves someone is going to need to dig. How many people have to die, Newgrounds?

Also, I've been using Skype since they merged it with MSN Messenger, so for those of you who dig that shit, I linked it in my contact info along with the Twitter account I recently forged.

Graveyard Blues

Posted by Gianni - October 20th, 2013

Well, for those of you who don't already know, I essentially locked myself in a non-ventilated acidic fume cube when I was staining the bridal room concrete floor at work, doing some damage to my throat and sinuses that didn't really go away for like a month or more. Then, as I was finally getting vocal strength back enough to record again, I came down sick with the local bug which, coincidentally, impacts allergies, sinuses, throat, and nose. I'm still a weak-voiced nasally mucus factory, but I should be over it in the next week or two and recording(procrastinating) again.

I do have a Twitter account now. I didn't know how awesome it was, but I can basically read bullshit posts from people I worship shrines of in my closet, like a lot of the folks here on Newgrounds, or Steve Blum mocking the planet. I haven't done anything with it yet, but maybe later on down the line. I need to actually work on networking one day, but today is not that day.


I don't care at all if you actually show interest or not in my social networking bullshit. Seriously. Fans can do whatever they want. They're like volunteers at work. What am I gonna do, fire them? I'm more interested in seeing what voice work projects I can learn exist or at least hear about thanks to being in the network with other voice actors, animators, lead designers or directors and such.