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2013-10-20 11:17:33 by Gianni

Well, for those of you who don't already know, I essentially locked myself in a non-ventilated acidic fume cube when I was staining the bridal room concrete floor at work, doing some damage to my throat and sinuses that didn't really go away for like a month or more. Then, as I was finally getting vocal strength back enough to record again, I came down sick with the local bug which, coincidentally, impacts allergies, sinuses, throat, and nose. I'm still a weak-voiced nasally mucus factory, but I should be over it in the next week or two and recording(procrastinating) again.

I do have a Twitter account now. I didn't know how awesome it was, but I can basically read bullshit posts from people I worship shrines of in my closet, like a lot of the folks here on Newgrounds, or Steve Blum mocking the planet. I haven't done anything with it yet, but maybe later on down the line. I need to actually work on networking one day, but today is not that day.

I don't care at all if you actually show interest or not in my social networking bullshit. Seriously. Fans can do whatever they want. They're like volunteers at work. What am I gonna do, fire them? I'm more interested in seeing what voice work projects I can learn exist or at least hear about thanks to being in the network with other voice actors, animators, lead designers or directors and such.


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2013-10-20 13:18:50

Although I do wish they'd stop pushing it on me that celebrities use Twitter. I get it. I don't care. I don't care how Kanye West's coffee tasted or what quirky thing Ellen is going to say for moms to quote worldwide. Just- just stop.


2013-10-20 14:46:18

Considering winter is just around the corner,i think you're taking it pretty well.
And i totally agree with the Social networking Yada-yada, unfortunately human nature has a new toy...I've got you covered completely for the entire Saga of Gunfox, so for the mean time sit back and relax, I've been on the clock with it 24/7..

Be well buddy..


(Updated ) Gianni responds:

Social networking isn't completely bad, but it's not as cool as you'd think it is judging by the fact that everybody is doing it. I've always sat in front of a screen to ensure that I don't have to deal with anybody. Now people are doing it to ensure that they do? Mysterious logic.

Don't work too hard.

Oh and thanks for being my first Twitter follower. Not technically, but the other two were basically advertisements. Figures.


2013-10-20 22:06:39

Ha, if I remember correctly, since I've been working with you for the past 2 years, you always get sick at right about this time, like clockwork! I get sick in September. Get well soon! And, basing my information from the past, you will.

(Updated ) Gianni responds:

I hope. My bigger concern is that my throat will still be messed up from the injury after I'm sick. I rolled right from injury to illness, so I haven't been able to safely diagnose the status of that. But I DO know that if nothing else, it's fine enough to record with, because I did some recordings as I was coming down sick.

But thanks a bunch for the support, I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm just still pissed at myself for letting it happen in the first place.


2013-10-28 23:04:41

What have I told you, r-tard? If you`re gonna ruin your sinuses, at least snort something that will get you off. I, for instance, now have a permanent baritone after years of abusing oven cleaner. If you really want to get the most out of your vocal range, I recommend snorting a heated mixture of cocaine, powdered glass, and tobacco sauce daily--it`ll really open up whole new doors. Assuming you don`t go mad from the agony.

Gianni responds:

Pft. Homeopathy. More like homeopathetic.


2013-11-07 18:43:38

AND AND AND concrete isn`t acidic, its alkaline. Next time chug a whole litre of vinegar and you should be good.
Americans and their educational systems.

Gianni responds:

If you can't learn it on the farm, it's dead weight just sitting in your skull.


2013-11-09 16:46:53

Sorry to hear you got contaminated. I had a bad bout of garageacidous... My Pop built this 60'x60' pole barn for his mechanical possessions, within a year, we started getting a bad cough. Too much grinding, welding, braising, soldering and iffy, stinky smoke wrenching upchucks from the woodstove :| That was in the mid to late 80's, but he packratted stuff over the worst of it. Today... all of it got auctioned off, hard to foucus on NG, when it feels like my Pop's body got picked clean of decades worth of accumulating useful things. As time went on, the tools and iron became less useful, in a world of prefab crap...

FFWD 20-30 years, that shit was still there and waiting to pounce on my already degradated respiratory system, thanks to cleaners, wax floor strippers, noxious stink-bombs (airwick's the worst by far), degreasers of horrific magnitude.

Yeah man, don't feel self conscious about crap like that - being safe is damn manly, or at least should be. I got slight bruises and cuts all over me, can't recall how most of the time :\

Thank you for your kind words in the Asterix commission review. On second thought, I should flag it as unhelpful, since your review didn't focus on the artists or her work... just the generosity of a 41 year old bachelor with no kids, and an increasingly shiny dome :\

Oh, and I wanted to commission Pax for an Asterix (or something) piece, but she didn't seem to be interested, which is cool.. but I asked her to PM me if she'd like to do something collaby and cool.

Okay, end of rant. But thanks to you, I'm going to open up a few more commissions, maybe ask for names and good reasons why?

Gianni responds:

Paxilon said no? You must've left out absurd parody, cyborg women, ebony cocks, cocaine, or a combination of the lot.

You could also ask PiperAnn, she's not not only one of the hottest women on the planet, she's also very talented. She has this one art piece up which is surprisingly well done, and she demonstrates an interest in drawing that might be well-serviced by the (I assume) casual approach of an Asterix commission. I would easily recommend any of the artists in my favorites, but I don't know enough about any of them, their personalities, their intentions on how they wish to use Newgrounds, if they even accept commissions, all of that stuff. But I do know that PiperAnn is a really friendly, outgoing, hot and talented personhot.

Wait, can't you tag people on NG now? @PiperAnn, or is it #PiperAnn... Whatever.

And no, me fucking up on safety had nothing to do with feeling proud, manly or trying to be tough. But, long story short, the person in charge of the operation started the task with no mention or bringing of masks, and the first coat was officially on a timer as soon as he did. So I did what I had to do, hoped for the best, and learned the hard way how terrible of a choice that really was.

Thanks for the story though! Keeps me optimistic I'll be over this.


2013-11-10 01:04:58

I just left Pax an open invitation for a fast and loose commission, but it's likely our conversations on livestream have gotten too weird for both of us... damn, lol, she's more hardcore than I thought :) Offer still stands, but... she moved out of her parent's house recently, yeah? Wishing her the best!

Piper... almost forgot about her single Art upload, and how good it came out! I guess my first thoughts (on future commissions) were of some of the longtime artists here, and what I could do to say 'thanks for the years of gallery-quality eye candy'... at least validate their investment of time.

(Unrelated) Sabtastic put up a blue wolf picture on ebay recently. I won the bid... but had I known how long it took to produce, I certainly wouldn't have bid so low! Like, minimum wage 15 years ago low :| Live and learn...

Yeah, you should be okay in the long term; milk does well for lung irritants. I learned the hard way, not to assume anything, but prepare for all eventualities... plus, we're not built as well as our ancestors, or at least, as polluted. Old ppl may have had to deal with some nasty shit, but we've got traces of those, and shit-tons more exotic chemicals upsetting our body's generative abilities.

Gianni responds:

Milk does well for lung irritants, eh? Hm. I've been staying away from dairy because the the world tells me it's the devil for the throat and vocals, which it probably is, but your lung irritants point is an interesting one. As I sit here drinking my Irish cream, I thank you for the bit of optimism.

I also realize I said "I've been staying away from dairy" and "I'm drinking from a handle of straight Irish cream", but I don't try to be healthy in my alcohol consumption. It's like trying to kill a baby mercifully. You're still probably doing something at least a little evil, so fuck it!