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Gianni's News

Posted by Gianni - December 2nd, 2014

I got into the Ello beta and it's empowered me to invite other people into it. It's still closed off I think, so this is special, right?

Ello is some hipster bullshit new social networking thing that still isn't really as good as Twitter, and I don't intend to use it much at all until some creators I'm actually interested in are active on there, which should take a long time or never. Right now it looks like a smoothie of instagram rejects and ashes of stumbleupon in terms of content it has to show me.


I was in a pleasantly smooth claymation, recently. I associate claymation with shitty animations from kids because I did them when I was a kid (all of those files have been completely disposed of by the way, they're nowhere on the net anymore), and largely this assumption is pretty true, statistically. However, these guys are really pretty good and worth keeping an eye on.

Also don't miss PepperSweet. It pertains to Eden, and even though I'm not in it (yet, maybe I'll nab a role later on?), I've gotten a sliiiiight peek at what's to come for it and it's a nice little train you definitely want to get on. The art alone is beautiful enough to be worth the time.


Anyway if you want an Ello invite just say it in the comments and I can PM you the invite code to sign up with at the join page.

Posted by Gianni - November 24th, 2014

Fearless Fantasy is on the Bundle Stars Reboot Bundle 9.0. Good deal, good game. No Time To Explain is there too.

Also if you haven't watched the new stuff from Kel which I'm in, you might wanna get on that.

I'm on Ello too now, but I probably won't use it until anybody I actually care about is on there.

If you dig retro stuff, I slapped together a little thing called Max Pixel inspired by Pax.

The Eden game is chugging along, might be at PAX, and you really want to get on this hype train.



Posted by Gianni - November 7th, 2014

I don't normally do Machinima, but World of Warcraft has a soft spot in my heart. Plus, Suge got to me through working with Nixxiom who used me in the past for this amazing project.

Anyway in this hour and a half long movie by Suge, sadly I don't play a Forsaken for you Undead fans, I play a hooded Tauren named Alyz who is pretty damn awesome. I actually thought I was playing a Blood Elf for like half the script, so my acting fails to support the voice modualtion Suge used. Professionalism! A lot of amazing voices in here, I'm easily one of the lower tiered actors in the roster.

Also, Kel released the prologue of Kagemusha, the revival of Shinobi Noir. Proud to say I revisit my role of noble old man Ashikaga in the next episode, which is probably coming out soon! Damn, I was MUCH worse when I first started way back then! Kel even modeled Ashikaga to look more like an older me! Wow, what an honor! Just so you know, the picture I linked there doesn't reflect the final product, he'll look older than that in the show.

Thanks for listening!

EDIT: BREAKING NEWS. This also just came out from Kel! What a hero, that chick!


Posted by Gianni - September 5th, 2014

Get it? Stick around, go figure? Stick figure? I wonder if I should change the title because it comes off as another post about leaving or not leaving Newgrounds.

Slow news week from me on the VA front, folks. Don't bug me any, this is really kinda just a fun little hobby for me, it's an amazing honor I get as much attention as I do for it.

Hey, The Forgotten Legion just aired its second episode on here, and I have to say, it's really stellar quality that's had a lot of time and effort put into it. The atmosphere is delicious, so be sure to pause your blues when you watch it. Hard, I know. Hard indeed.


I'm always trying to promote doing action and drama and not just comedy in amateur animation because it's what I really love to watch, and it's interesting to see that stick figures, despite their mixed reputation, are kinda one of the longest standing heroes of this agenda. Sprites I suppose are a blacker sheep I won't discuss here. What might you all reckon about action and drama in variants of animation often viewed as inferior, like stick figures, machinima, sprites and such? Any good examples out there?

And don't forget to accept your invitation to bitch about the redesign so you can say things like "I told you so" and "I was there in the 1850s when we were just pleased to have a front page!"

That's it for this time. Go watch The Sudden Stop, and as always, thank you for listening.

Posted by Gianni - August 27th, 2014

I starred in THIS animation by Vagilon and I highly suggest you watch it. So much so that I'm not even linking or discussing anything else in this news post. If you don't follow her on every site she's on as well as on her way to work, you're completely missing the point of the internet if you ask me.



Posted by Gianni - August 10th, 2014


That's right. If you didn't play through the Game Jam entry, the Eden Game got announced by Mister Cartoon Coffee himself. It's probably a long way off, but I still want you intrigued by it because Eden's pretty radical. He also made this brief NATA entry I'm in with headphoamz, which was coyly hinted at being expanded upon in the future.

Headphoamz did the PokeRap. I narrated bad Twitter fiction and One Thousand Pens. It was what it was. Heh.

I was Spidermoon because Hagen Wolfhowl decided to start working on English dubs. Evidently he's a big deal with a massive demographic I didn't even know existed just because they speak another language. That's crazy and ignorant of me. Anyway, cute toon. Really topical to show my friend who just cosplayed Sailor Mars.

Anyway, listen to this tune by Howlin' Wolf.

Look at this Eden picture by Paxilon.

And come help me write bad fanfiction on Twitter involving Bocodamondo.

Posted by Gianni - July 13th, 2014

Do you like buying things for a dollar? This radical daddy-o is doing a Patreon where you can be raffle'd to win a sexy pin-up for a dollar. That's awesome. If you missed episode 1 of Living With Lolly, go watch it for some hot MILF action. That's right, guilty as charged this guy here. Boing. That's the sound effect. For my dick. I have an erection. That's the joke. It's funny. Laugh now. But I do have one. Stop laughing at it. You're like my ex, now.


Also, the Kangaroo-Ridin' Straya Goddess ATheatricalSongbird, aka Australian Princess Aimee Smith is a part of a thing called Freedom Planet alongside the Devil-May-Care Soul Reapin' Bloodlord Seymour McHandsome. I'm not in it at all. Motherfuckers. It's still pretty cool though. It's a game. Like SANIC. They also did a shirt thing I rejoiced on my Vine.


ONE MOOOOOORE TING! GrandslamJamMaster Flash had me do some lines for a little game which is wholly incomplete, and pretty much just ham-fists me into it. BUT the art is really awesome and only takes like a minute to get to a part where you can't progress any more anyway.


If you care about that social junk, my Twitter is the main place to follow me, that's the only one I really dick around on.

Posted by Gianni - July 2nd, 2014

Hey! I voice a rad dude named Burble in this thing called Project Epsilon, and I reckon it seems they're trying to get something all kickstarted like.

(funny name aside, Burble is being added to my list of characters I voice which I want to be as attractive as)

Also in case you missed it, one of the greatest men of our time made this NATA entry which I was in, and Paxilon took my life with the Luigi Death Stare. She's also doing commissions right now for a limited time only.

Cool. I'm gonna go back to watching Rawhide now.

Posted by Gianni - June 17th, 2014

I'm straight up posting this for Paxilon because she hasn't begged the blog gods of Newgrounds lore for the right to post to the front page yet.


Go tell her who to oil paint so she can sell it at some convention for nerds.

(Oil painting is not rubbing a body down with olive oil on a brush, so I'm not interested.)


Posted by Gianni - June 10th, 2014

The truth is that most of my fans are like thirteen year old boys who heard me in a parody a couple of years ago and thought it was cool that I sounded like Spike Spiegel or Master Chief or whatever so they clicked the little heart next to my username, and most of them don't really exist or interact with me or anything, especially years later like this when I've had so many periods of being off the grid entirely.

But that's fine, because even for that one little gesture I'm really grateful. It's more appreciation than I'd ever reckon myself to get for chatting into a mic.

Here's a Vine I made for you. Yes. You.


Now go follow Paxilon for making me this awesome image.

And go follow SpikeVallentine for making this radical NATA entry starring myself AND--

And the hot-- I mean TALENTED Piper who you should go follow for being one of the sickest VAs on the net. Be sure to keep hiring her to play my daughter even though she's older than I am. No, seriously. She's great at it. Playing kids I mean-- Not uh-- Not being old--Wait--.

And go follow Bocodamondo for continuing his ambitious Dragonball series featuring me.

I've got my social networking shit linked in the side so go follow whichever of those you like most. I mostly waste my time on my Twitter though, to be honest.

Thanks to every crow who still listens for the graveyard's groans.

Here's a song I uploaded to YouTube because I was having a hard time finding this specific version of it on there.