Tombstone News: Five Hundred Crows for the Murder!

2014-06-10 18:15:21 by Gianni

The truth is that most of my fans are like thirteen year old boys who heard me in a parody a couple of years ago and thought it was cool that I sounded like Spike Spiegel or Master Chief or whatever so they clicked the little heart next to my username, and most of them don't really exist or interact with me or anything, especially years later like this when I've had so many periods of being off the grid entirely.

But that's fine, because even for that one little gesture I'm really grateful. It's more appreciation than I'd ever reckon myself to get for chatting into a mic.

Here's a Vine I made for you. Yes. You.

Now go follow Paxilon for making me this awesome image.

And go follow SpikeVallentine for making this radical NATA entry starring myself AND--

And the hot-- I mean TALENTED Piper who you should go follow for being one of the sickest VAs on the net. Be sure to keep hiring her to play my daughter even though she's older than I am. No, seriously. She's great at it. Playing kids I mean-- Not uh-- Not being old--Wait--.

And go follow Bocodamondo for continuing his ambitious Dragonball series featuring me.

I've got my social networking shit linked in the side so go follow whichever of those you like most. I mostly waste my time on my Twitter though, to be honest.

Thanks to every crow who still listens for the graveyard's groans.



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