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2014-05-12 02:06:22 by Gianni

It must be SirUndead Appreciation Week or something, because I've gotten some crazy surprises pertaining specifically to delighting me.

Paxilon made this fucking brilliant piece of artwork FOR ME. That is INSANE. I dunno why the colored version isn't uploaded to the art portal yet, but I'm sure I can persuade her with the bi-polar goodbad cop routine so you can go 5-bomb TWO versions. I hate you all because she's the best artist on the internet and I still have to keep spamming you bastards to get the word out that she exists. FUCK.

Some guy I didn't even know existed came out of the blue and dropped an audio piece on my head featuring a recording I did a while ago, and it sounds pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

Fearless Fantasy comes out on May 15th, and I'm baaaaarely in it, BUT I'M IN IT-- So that's all that matters to me. I was playing it and it's actually fun. No, really. I thought it would suck--KIDDING, that man is a twisted gift to the planet. It's a good time. Look into it. I wanted to make a "STEAAAMMM!! --version!" joke here, but I'm not Stamper so fuck me.

Also, I did an audio piece dared by a friend.

And last, this doesn't relate to me at all, but you need to go watch The Begun of Tigtone so you can start to truly even exist in reality.


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2014-05-12 06:36:52

With things going this good, you should play the lottery!

Gianni responds:

Or eat at the seediest Chinese buffet I can find and play everyone's favorite stomach-wrecker, Food Poison Roulette!


2014-05-12 17:45:19

Knock on presswood, haven't gotten sick from take out yet. But once as a kid, my folks went on vaca, and I ran out of food. Ate a can of smoked mussels from norther europe :p Botulism for hours on end, heaving away, and I couldn't call an ambulance, get my kind folks in trouble

Gianni responds:

I hope they at least tasted alrig-- Ah, who am I kidding? I know they didn't.

Sounds like you can handle a good party, though.


2014-05-12 20:00:08

Everything's coming up Gianni! In other good news, Pine will be airing on some ESPN channel soon apparently

Gianni responds:

That's nuts! I'm surprised it's getting such widespread popularity because it's legitimately awesome (this line is a cheap shot implication that I believe the world has poor taste)!

Jeez man, keep me close in your contact book if everything you touch is gonna keep turning to gold! I said yes originally because I liked the sound of the project, and then I was double-sold when I learned you had to do with Spaceman, but I'm about to tastelessly ride your success train to fametown!


2014-05-13 02:39:24

Good to see Newgrounders come up aces. My heyday preceded my making an account here. Maybe someday I'll transfer my videotape, to what we call video now. Used to freelance video, and worked on 3 public access shows, then one of my own.

The real bummer is Triptank, which a few NG animators have signed on to do... only it looks like a poor copy of Monty Python's segue technique :\

(Updated ) Gianni responds:

You are the coolest motherfucker, sir. Dead serious. Undead serious, even.


2014-05-13 20:22:02

That art.


you need a graphic novel....

Gianni responds:

Paxilon is the best on the net. Genuine opinion. Love her style, love every single aspect about her art. Not even just pushing her product because she's the only one who will play vidyagames with me, or because she's paying me to do it in crack, or because she's a wom.


2014-05-14 01:56:13

That's kind of you, thanks!


2014-05-14 05:32:14

if you did something good. you will get something good. your voice was very good to my project and i hope that we do more projects in the future :)

Gianni responds:

Looking forward to it.