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I fucking love your art so goddamn much, and normally the vibrant stuff doesn't do it for me. You're a mystery. An anomaly. A freakshow. Keep creating beautiful art you goddamn fabulous fucking freakshow.

doublemaximus responds:

Hahaha awww gosh! I never thought being called a freakshow would feel so nice ;D

I'd buy this as a figure as fast as I could.

Love your art, and as an Aries myself I'm fully biased to love this piece even more. Do keep up the amazing work.

xaolan responds:

Thanks ^v^

I care. Nobody draws my motherfuckers like you do.

That Max Payne bookmark has a special place in my Criminal Justice textbooks. I don't know anything about Hipster Man, Portal Knockoff Girl, or Emo Supernatural Fanfic Man though.

Hahahah, does it sting? Does it hurt? Does it hurt you when I say these awful things about these characters you love? On a scale of one to ten, where ten hurts the worst, how many points do I get for spiking your blood pressure? B-- Ba-- Baby gonna cry? Baby gonna-- Whoa Pax, what's the gun for?

Paxilon responds:

Truth is? I don't need the gun. See, when you swaggered in here with all your big talk you didnt count on this getting to the front page. I won't have to lift a finger to see you get your just desserts when theres a legion of fans waiting in the wings to take you out.
So open wide.

Haunter is the best Pokemon. You were so close.

Also, your Gengar is missing a long cigarette holder, as well as you. And the Pokeball.

Cigarillo, I choose you!

[Pokemon comes out coughing and tired]

Sabtastic responds:

Haha to be fair Haunter is probably a really close second. I don't think I ever DON'T fully evolve my pokemon for the sake of favoritism though. :P

I'm here to pikapika pikapi, and I'm all outta pika.

"Your princess is dead."

Wow, the laziness of not wanting to color anything living inside what seems to be the texture of threads in a cloth. Really horrifying stuff.

Kidding, this does look great, as always with you, and the creature's design is positively killer.

Paxilon responds:

The friendly insults were cute but that pun cuts to the bone.

*jumps into slick cadellac with your mom in the passenger seat*
Better luck next time, kid.

I'm not reading that fucking seven-book novel series you vomited into the art's description expecting to abuse your fans' will to consider actually listening to you, but I like the picture.

Paxilon responds:

Funny. That's exactly what I think whenever you open your big flappy prettyboy mouth. Now start droning on about nihilism while I stare into your eyes.

no homo.

Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

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