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Never debate posting! The people love you, always pull the trigger!

You can't apologize when it looks this good. Apology refused. Also, I'm starting a petition to permanently revoke your right to attempt to apologize.

Really love your work. It looks to me like you have a certain fondness for the imperfections of the human image, and I think that helps your style greatly. Keep it up!

XxThumbsuckerxX responds:

awh thanks friend that's very sweet of you to say! I just lack a lot of drive to finish/render pieces fully.

Sucks on your vocal chords to steal your vocal powers. She keeps inviting me into her recording booth, but I know what really goes on behind that acoustic foam.

I've observed everything you've posted, although I never leave a comment because I don't usually have much to say about it. Always looks killer to me. About this piece for example, I have absolutely no interest in that show, I'm sure it's a cool show but I don't care. Anyway this piece looks great.

Also I think I already contacted you about this, but I'd love to be a VA for you if you ever need one for an animation.

I think I need to "adjust" my television set.

Just a humble drawing, ma'am.

Legitimately the best character Newgrounds ever saw.

"Called your bluff, friend."


deathink responds:


Despite your ludicrous amount of talent, I only ask that you never entirely abandon that quirky trademark cuteness you have to offer, it's super unique.

That aside, this piece is amazing and I have no doubt that your talent of course would easily extend into more traditional pieces or pretty much whatever the hell you want it to at this point.

Keep up the amazing work.

icheban responds:

Thanks man! Yeah I'm already back to working on more "cartoony" pieces already. This was a nice break for me and a way to push myself. Also, I think it's a fine piece for my portfolio.

Alright, now you're just pandering to me. First the figurine and now this? Only question is, the Kong bottle looks more like a wine bottle than its usual Jack Daniel's type shape. That a joke? You a joker, now? Max? Wine? Hilarious, actually.

But I love your art and for two Max Payne pieces I now also love you. I'm generally against marriage but we should probably wed just to be on the safe side here.

Thank you.

jfkid responds:

Haha thanks.. about the bottle, yes, i realize that too, but it was too late, hahaha. The laziness inside me kicked in..

Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

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