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Brilliant work with the eyes, here.

bocodamondo responds:

hehe i got the inspiration of coloring eyes like that from http://danluvisiart.deviantart.com . one badass of an artist

This looks rightly amazing. Marvelous that two of my favorite creators came together for a piece. Hope I see more from you two.

bocodamondo responds:

haha well, i would love to do this again ^^

See, the message here is that the Illuminati controls Halloween and will drive us to self-destruction in desperation to outdo one another and become the "best piece" in a pointless pyramid. A very powerful and philosophical piece of art.

No but seriously, the one on the mid-right has presumably eaten so much candy that they're actually tripping.

I've always been a huge fan of your style, seeing it animated gets me legitimately excited. Just looking at these three I'm already wishing I was playing a game about them. Do what you please, but I'd be stoked if you continued with animation.

Oh yeah and when you do become an animation superstar, don't forget to cast me.

Oh man, seeing Eden in different creative styles is really the cat's meow. Much obliged, fella.

TheUnseriousguy responds:

glad you like it

I knew cats were evil because they overran humanity's greatest achievement: the internet. It really falls in line with the "cats are aliens" theory I heard when I was a kid, alongside Egyptians and cats considering Egypt's frequent alien association. You're not wrong, Ethan. Some serious stuff is going down with cats.

I'll commission you TWENTY dollars to draw it the exact same but completely nude to make her uncomfortable! Heh, kidding, I don't have that much.

Porn never changes.

TheUnseriousguy responds:

dude... this is my brothers girlfriend, it would cost way more

I love everything about this idea. I need to actually get Shovel Knight, but this being in the game would completely guarantee it.

RonDMC responds:

Thank you! And you should get the game ASAP. It's pretty amazing AND it'll be getting some free DLC down the line (including a multiplayer battle arena).

You're pretty for a space soldier, hey is that Saturn back there?

"Ugh, I don't wanna talk about it. It's in this weird rave neon phase, its residents are always high on LSD since for whatever reason it's only a Schedule V drug there now. It's whatever. Want to join the Light-year High Club and have amazing floaty space sex?"

Heh, that sounds great and everything but I'm going to have to turn you down because I'm too busy seizing with color-induced epilepsy. Maybe later, though. Before you go, hand me a rag for my foam would you?

Twisted4000 responds:

you always make the most interesting reviews, I enjoy reading them

Stats, eh? Certainly hope there's a "number of times you adjusted your tie" stat. Wasted your time creating a quit button though, hah. Nobody's gonna do that. Right fellas? Right.

CartoonCoffee responds:

Hahahaha don't tempt me!
Adjusting your tie will make it's way into the game, but it being a stat is still unconfirmed.

Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

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