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Well, I'll be coming back to this piece multiple times over the course of the year as I redirect people to imagery of the new year's resolution of "Be fatter". Keep up the awesome work.

CyanSandwich responds:

Excellent! Thanks man :)

Personally I really liked the casual and dismissive nature of the voice acting, I think it added to the quirky charm of the piece. Also, the facial animation for "And Katsumoto is..." was great. Looking forward to more from you for sure.

LeonDaydreamer responds:

Thanks man!

"It's me, the Canadians."

Unmatched writing. Line of the year.

In a world of confusion and horrible mutant glorified cockfights, it'll take an unlikely hero to lead us out of the darkness and into the heavens, and it ain't gonna be any of the kids from Beyblade.

TheUnseriousguy responds:

ha, beyblade, didnt know anyone remembered that still

But if you don't acknowledge them as special, how will they know they are? And oh my, if they aren't, how could their life hold meaning? That's right kids, you're all special little snowflakes and it's your sole duty to make sure everybody knows.

See Dave, I was homeschooled so I never got the chance to know what high school was like, but I gotta imagine it was a whole lot like college but with more prime, less fear and the precious few inhibitors which are probably the only threads ensuring class actually teaches me anything. Like I said, watching your videos should be a pre-req.

"Marcus, it's like I have limp wife-itis or something."

Anjidu AND Songbird? SOMEBODY has an ear for talent! Lucky us. I was kinda hoping for a harsh, raw scene-cut to Franky ripping their limbs apart as they scream through the gargle of their own blood in horror, but I guess I'm a dreamer. Cute, sweet little toon.

Budj responds:

A deleted ending involved lots of fire, if that counts. Lol

10/10 sarcasm, I really loved how you continued to beat the dead horse because that's exactly what the writing is like. Some might argue that the Sonic franchise IS a dead horse. "But he can't be a horse, he's a hedgeh--"

I don't think anybody believed in Sonic Boom from the second we saw the character designs where scarves and partial mummification had taken over the crew.

Round One: "You're a failure!"

Round Two: "We're all failures!"

Probably worth mentioning during admission, guys.

The end twist cracks me up every single time, guaranteed. Thanks for including me on this, and like I told you those other actors killed it. Stoked for what comes next.

HagenWolfhowl responds:

Thanks, mayne :D

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