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Ah life, where the game over screens don't read "Continue?" but rather "Continue, bitch."

Damn! Lenti's the bomb! So slick, smoother than a drink when you're already drunk. Gotta learn a thing or two from her.

Anyway you did amazing here. The fight scenes were solid and promising for the future, you do good with that futuristic sci-fi babbletech I usually stay away from, and the main character's attitude, for me, makes a really compelling story, but I'm a huge Cowboy Bebop fanboy so naturally that kind of devil-may-care stuff in space turns me right on.

I'd definitely love to see more of this, and I think it goes really well to a trifecta of amazing genres to push all at once, scifi free roam adventure, police nonsense with some more comedic fun, and the dark and serious Ashikaga. Hell, throw western in there (I think you did a long time ago, Phase 9 was it?) and you've got me hooked for life. Reckon there can't be a person who doesn't like at least one of the series unless they just don't like you. And if they don't like you, fuck them because you're rad.

Still, don't push yourself too hard and be afraid of doing shorts. I don't know much about animation but I'd hate for you to overpressure yourself on a bunch of series, I understand they can be stressful. Just remember that most folks are watching it for free and the few who actually are shelling out are seldom the ones pressuring you. Keep your own pace, I don't want you burnt out because I sure as hell want more of all this.

Thank you.

Perfect. So real, too. Amazing writing. Belongs as a scene in any movie. Would've fit right in during "...And Justice For All". Thank you.

elementalbadger responds:

Thank you! :)

In spite of now having wasted entire time-frames of what would have been productivity on watching your work on YouTube, I fully intend to watch and love all of it again as it comes to Newgrounds.

"Well it's hard to find that balance!"


"Yeah it sucks, get tough, get lucky or die! Later, kid!"

Raziberry responds:

Ah, I see you speak Proflish!

Beautiful. There's actually a lot of truth about love within hate in here. Passion over detachment, it's a great message delivered through a humorous lens. Love it.

Just wanted to thank you infinitely for having a silent name intro.

The security dude is always depicted as shitting himself in fear, which is how players rightfully feel, but I like to imagine him as some tough grizzled badass capable of managing details, surveillance and power consumption logically under the stressful circumstances. Some kind of ultimate security pro.

I never get tired of the concept that you can still just kick a monster's ass like any regular person.

Immensely glad you ended up finishing this.

Reminds me of lyrics from a pretty recent Turisas song,

"You think that it's too late,
change the course, do not hesitate.
Ten more miles and you'll find yourself hoping you had.

When your ship has sailed,
take the next, and you're on your way.
The old dog will learn as many tricks as it false pride permits.


Persistence is noble, said the captain while going down;
went down with his ship, that old fool,
lacked the courage to turn around - oh yeah."

Inspiring work as always, sir!

The narrator was really great, all the VA was solid really, and you did a swell job of not sugar-coating the brutal stuff too much, ending on a fittingly grim note. Very well done.

Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

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