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The dramatic posing when she was taken and the duration was really amusing, and the demon's little trick with the head was actually chuckle-inducing. Tightly paced, felt adequately busy, didn't overstay its welcome. Great work.

funymony responds:

Thanks, amigo!

Sometimes I'm afraid that I make things too busy and don't leave enough room for the audience to react between jokes, which makes them fall flat. I'm glad that wasn't the case here. :D!

Somebody told me that I should have voiced the main dude, and I had to calm myself down to explain to them how brilliant the performance was and how I couldn't have possibly nailed the rhythm so perfectly and I wasn't anywhere near worthy to partake. They disagreed so I beat them to death and now I'm on the run, police are looking for a man in the woods. Gotta go, bye. Do more things or I will actually leave notes with your name in the lunchboxes of children until they all chant your name in demand for content alongside me. A whole army of nobodies aimed squarely at you.

Showed it to everyone I could. Can't stop watching. This is how I feel about Destiny and since I used to play a bunch of Halo and have become a lonely alcoholic as a direct result, the Chief cameo connects with me on a level no fictional character ever may. Although I do regret that you didn't give him a Windows phone and do a scene where he's having a bad conversation with Microsoft's "Cortana" gimmick to imitate Siri from the iPhone. Maybe in the sequel, which I do hope there will be. Thank you for your work, brilliantly executed and my thanks once more to RicePirate for another exemplary performance.

Better brace yourselves people, the legend has revived and arrived.

People. "Let's do the advertising department's job FOR them by fighting with our friends about the superiority of OUR device!" It's like the console war, but for adults. Well, I guess the console war is for adults too now. Man, we suck. I can't even talk trash, I'm the ultimate hipster with my "ruggedized" flip phone. Folks will find any reason to argue.

But yeah, this is pretty much exactly how the argument goes. Great work, smooth pacing, very charming.

Wish the real show was like this instead.

Good pacing. Clever jokes. Expect a phone call from Michael Bay.

The implication of Tails' deep religiosity was always right in front of us.

Beautiful. True.

Some folks get lost in hallucinogenic-inspired abstract flows of colors and unclear shapes...

Me, I got these.

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