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Thanks again for including me as Perry. This was a great experience and you're an awesome dude to work with. Came out great! Looking forward to more work with you in the future!

Hah, I just realized my username's fitting with the character. Funny.

noiserover responds:

Great working with you too!

Just phenomenal, amigo. You can just infuse anything with as much emotion as you want to. The sound stuff you did was even better than I thought it'd be. Thanks for another solid part with you. I'm betting the Beyonce quote thing is still a part of this reality, so here's something for YOU.

"Baby, I don't care where you bury my body when I'm dead and gone
You may bury my body
Down by the highway side,
So my old evil spirit
Can get a Greyhound bus and ride."

- Robert Johnson

dylan responds:

"i stay up too late
got nothing in my brain
that's what people say"

- beyoncé, 2014

Reheheheh. Ringer in ry rutt.

Oh this just has a fantastic amount of charm and love in it, and your animation has a great crisp quality to it. It was a pleasure to be aboard, even just for one line!

Johnopotamus responds:

Thank you!
And thanks for your awesome voice! It worked perfectly!

Kung Fury might be a "True Survivor" but Mad Max is just a survivor, and that's what gets the dirty work done.

NOTE: This song uses a Newgrounds track called "Pop Up Headlights" by Bobeo, and it WILL be added into the formal credits as soon as Pax is AWAKE and able to get back to her computer to fix it. I apologize for this oversight, it's an awesome track and you should go listen to the full thing.

Paxilon responds:

You idiot, you can change almost anything from the projects section BECAUSE YOU'RE A PROJECT MANAGER AAAH
I'm glad your ineptitude has been writ in the cold unyielding stone of NG user reviews because it will never, ever, go away.

SirUndead Sez: This VIDEO* uses a Newgrounds track is what I meant to say, but it turns out that I am a dumb. Seriously go listen to the song though.

I was going to say that this should have been what Genisys was like, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that this IS what Genisys was like. Except I'd probably rate this slightly higher. Thank you.

I loved this piece a year ago and I still love it now. Though, I coulda sworn I saw it on Newgrounds, I must be mistaken, it must've been somehow linked to the YouTube version.

By some cruel, twisted human who felt the need to invoke emotions in me. DOGS, I CAN'T DO EMOTIONAL THINGS WITH DOGS. STOP IT INTERNET.

Hey amigo! Just wanted to drop a review for you, this animation came out great. Only thing is I kinda wish you credited my friend Paxilon for the script, which was word for word her review on my own audio piece based on this magical body wash which came out a month before this animation. But she doesn't seem to be bothered at all hah, only thing she said was she wished you made the marketing exec look like her. If you ask me, from knowing her myself, I think you already did. Anyway, for any curious readers, you can find the comment I'm talking about on my audio submission titled "Berry", it'll be the first comment that was posted to it when it came out.

Hey, Froggy, seriously, no hard feelings about stealing the words (hell, it wasn't even stolen from me, she just doesn't care enough to bring it up to you because it was nothing but a fun little comment), I think you're a solid animator and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work, but not crediting people will hurt your reputation and you're honestly too good to be brought down by something like that.

I dunno if Newgrounds will let me do links in reviews, but let's see, heh:


Thanks for letting me out of that hole in the ground long enough to write this comment. Working with SpeedoSausage was an experience that will likely change me forever not only as a voice actor, but as a man. Also, when I grow up I want to be that smiley face character.

Speedo responds:

thank you for the sweet lines, done fast n exactly how i wanted! now back in your cage, go on, get!

Man if he did that shit at the podium I'd vote for a third term no matter what the rules say. Also, that last line was what really killed me. Thanks.

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