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I'm gonna write the headcanon now: Gil is one of the Old Ones and is intimately familiar with the swirling abyss of unspeakable madness.

Is this a documentary about the voice acting forum? KIDDING.

Brilliant as always. The plot twists are getting pretty good, and as you go further in and we get more attached to the characters, they'll have even harsher impact as well. Adore it.

For the record, you bet your ass I'd light a smoke before even pulling out the gun.

Perfect, I was worried you might lose touch with the robotic feel somewhere with the inclusion of real voices, but you actually somehow managed to capture it better.

Love the animation, I never expected such a short piece could compel me to finish an entire handle of Johnnie Walker, drop out of school and quit my job with enough time in the day left to let the poisoning reap my worthless soul. Well done.

dylan responds:

"standing in the light of your halo, I got my angel now"

- beyoncé, 2008

Of course! The real high is in the filter and then you filter the smoke from that through the tobacco! I've been doing it wrong all this time! Thanks, Squirtle.

Hah, if you ask me there are no smart choices. Ultimately we can't truly save our own lives, we die eventually. Only thing I figure we can change is how freely we live while we're here. Great stuff as always. Thanks.

Amazing work, as much as I love the other series you're doing I really believe this is your strongest one yet. Atmosphere is perfect. Really looking forward to recording more for Decker.

Thanks for the stinger, amigo. I needed to suddenly experience so much fear at once that I detached from this realm for a jagged split-second in an untold reality.

TheUnseriousguy responds:

you are welcome

The best kind of support is the kind that isn't using your problems to inflate their own desire to be your personal messiah. You made the right choice by passing on all that "advice" bullshit. Folks don't need advice most of the time, they know how stupid they are. People can perceive the world pretty effectively, whether they show it or not. They just need some cushioning for all their stupid choices. That's what I think, anyway.

Makomega animating? Watch out, world. Fuck yeah.

Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

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