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The improvement in your skill between the first one and the second one is definitely noticeable, although it is still clear that you have a bit to go (don't we all?), it's also clear that you're actually getting there.

Thanks for involving me!

That art style rocks! I'm not saying drop the other one for it, I can identify both as being your handiwork, but I do really love this one.

No, thank YOU!

That morbid "Hey, Listen!" joke was awesome and will probably stick in my mind for a really long time whenever someone mentions Zelda. Loved it.

And the whole animation was great! I think your greatest strength is your good sense of timing in combination with your use of quality sound effects and tunes. Your animations often have this real "meaty" feel to them. Maybe it's something else you're doing that I can't pin as well, but it really makes your animations an experience that I can't exactly get from anyone else.

Let me know of the next project you would have to offer me! Always a pleasure.

MyFuckinMess responds:

And listen to your sexy voice is always a nice feel..

Guys fighting in suits is just always awesome to watch. Something about the ties flapping and the suits fluttering.

Also, I wish debates were actually like this. Then I would probably care more. Let's just vote for who beats who in a fight to the death.

haitam responds:

I feel the same way ..suits are awesome .

If you think that was a large amount of words, the original script was three times longer when he brought oranges into the mix, going on a tangerine tangent!

Excellent work, the evil grin on the apple totally got me.

CyanSandwich responds:

Haha nice alliteration. Don't tempt me to make a fruit filled follow-up.

Great work, although my retort is that if most chicks find out you're drawing pictures of them, ESPECIALLY with protein shake powder on the floor of your house or whatever, their first reaction is probably less like falling in love with you and more like calling the cops because you might be fixing to murder them or something.

But yes, I get the message, it's sweet and good job indeed!

Blordow responds:

LMAO! thanks bud, made my night

This was awesome! I was trying to figure out who was playing Jack (since I guess he hasn't accepted the portal request thing yet), and of course it's ThePawt. I was just listening to it going, "Holy shit, this guy is doing an awesome job."

Anyway I loved your writing on this, the creative way you interpreted the theme, and I do hope that perhaps I get to play Jones again one day. Thanks!

Since I don't watch the show, I think a lot of the jokes are totally lost on me. But I WILL say that it was awesome to get to work with you, I've been a fan of your work for quite a bit.

I'm gonna go ahead and confirm myself as not being a rapper by nature, though.

I think you should have revised your statement to "They gave us a few weeks, but I decided that's not hardcore enough for me, so I only gave myself a few days. Suck it, cowards."

Fun little piece for sure. I'd say that it certainly LOOKS surprisingly polished considering the short amount of time it was done in. I suppose your lovably simplistic art-style lends to that.

Good work!

CyanSandwich responds:

Thanks man!

Awesome! You know what it honestly reminded me of, between the pirate, the black stereotype, the mockingly large tits, and the two cops who just shoot first and steal evidence later? Saints Row. But the genuinely FUN parts of Saints Row, not so much the dildo-bat bits. It's not an insult since I love the series for that.

I like that this animation clearly identifies itself as fun comedy, it doesn't even try to generate pseudo-drama to immerse the viewer so that the "shock" of humor really gets them, it's just laughing and mocking everything the whole way through.

The joke that got me the most was the acting on "We better take this money back to the station...", the slight laughter and choking back the sentence was delivered well and believably, I honestly laughed at it.

Good work as always!

Twisted4000 responds:

Lol I couldn't have said some of that stuff better myself. :) I'm really not going for anything serious (obviously), and I guess perhaps, even though the art style and everything may not be fantastic, it reflects that. Glad you liked it! I need to use you again.

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