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Gianni's News

Posted by Gianni - November 22nd, 2015

Great project. I recorded the narration bit back in like 2014 but I can't recommend enough that you check this series out of you missed it. Massively charming.


Also, as I dive further into Overwatch madness, more videos about it appear on my YeTube.

More cool stuff coming soon. Thanks.

Posted by Gianni - November 13th, 2015

I'm in @TheUnseriousGuy's entry to the Kill la Kill flash collab! Really great collab, check it out!


Also, oh man, Overwatch. If you checked out my YouTube, you'd see that I've been doing a lot of solo Overwatch content lately, and I don't foresee that changing too soon. I've done fun little voice covers for the following heroes with the use of amazing art by my lovely affiliate @Paxilon, and I tried to use them advertise NG music too:


Soldier: 76


Mercy (HAH)


And I've got a couple more things in mind.

But look, I got into beta. I've been playing it, and streaming it. My Bnet is SirUndead #1899. If you use Bnet, add me. Simple as that.

Although I uploaded the audio files here, I don't think I can upload those Overwatch voice cover videos to NG due to their use of actual Overwatch footage (I should ask The Man™ @Tom sometime), but NG is my homebase and NG people are the ones I want involvement with, so definitely add me. I know some of you TF2-heads like @bocodamondo will be at least checking it out for morbid curiosity. EDIT: BOCO DOESN'T CARE LOL NVM.

Also, I figure since I'm gonna play video games anyway, why not call it content? I joined powers with other Newgrounds users @Paxilon, @RetroArcadeMonkey, @Kehny, and @Badkill22 to create Kerfuffle with the Lobsters, a "gaming" "channel". My gaming focus is on streaming, but sometimes it gets recorded and the videos go to that channel.

No I haven't sold out and gone all Game Grumps on you [THIS IS A JOKE, LAUGH]. I'm still a voice actor first, always chewing away at too many scripts piled up on my desk, next to college papers I need to write and cheap scotch I need to drink.

Thanks for reading!

(add me for real I need NG people up in Overwatch so they can get my references)

Posted by Gianni - October 22nd, 2015

Alright, a few things came out.

First off, you can catch me as Tommy in @SpeedoSausage's newest sex-- I mean animation called S.e.x.

A brief appearance as Alfred in the latest episode of Jungle Hunt by @MysticSkillz.

And of course my man @HadenCreate gave Gill a couple lines for part one of The Three Reapers.

@RetroArcadeMonkey DID decide to record some drunk gaming with myself, @Paxilon, and @Kehny.

Also, the Eden Blue website has been updated, and if you haven't followed Team Eden on Twitter yet,
now's as good a time as any!

"...Don't tell me you're scared?"

Posted by Gianni - October 12th, 2015

@noiserover just released the next episode starring yours truly as Perry. Go check it out, if you haven't watched all of his stuff yet you really should. It's some of the most enthralling material I've ever seen.


And by the way, the announcement trailer for Eden Blue was released onto Newgrounds. You oughtta give that a peek too if I didn't already get you to. I narrate as the character Legend from the series.



Posted by Gianni - October 3rd, 2015

I play Legend in the series Eden by @CartoonCoffee. There's gonna be a game, and its website and announcement trailer are finally live. You can essentially pre-order the game by donating twenty bucks if you like what you see.



If you are just learning about Eden, I implore you to go watch all of the animated episodes and you'll see why I love it so much, and why I think so highly of Jermaine Leslie.

Some of you folks here know that I've been lucky to be in a lot of amazing projects in my time here. Well, I gotta tell you something. Eden's always been my favorite. I love everything I've been in and it's all precious to me, but my gold star is on Eden. Faith isn't a word you'll hear me use a lot, but I have a lot of faith that this series can go crazy far.

I'm not trying to push you to donate, but I really want you to know about Eden and look forward to it. My chips are heavy on Eden's table. I'm on board the train and I ain't getting off. I invite you to come aboard, because I think it's gonna be a really fun ride. I got them Eden Blues, and I don't wanna shake them.

I sincerely thank you for checking it out. Let me know what you think about it.

Posted by Gianni - September 22nd, 2015

Arc Infinitum's third episode came out, and again, I can't recommend the series enough. It's one of my favorite projects to be a part of.


It seems there's a lot of Vegeta in my life lately (never enough though, right?) as after this animation starring me as the Saiyan prince, @Bocodamondo's long-awaited next episode of Dragonball Multiverse has finally released! I'm Gohan and three versions of Vegeta.


Posted by Gianni - September 14th, 2015

@RetroSleep is a rad dude who cast me in this rad animation about Vegeta and pride. Like looking into a mirror.


And I also play a sleezy scumbag dude named Anthony who runs whores in this Fallout: New Vegas Mod called Crossroads. Like looking into a mirror.


Posted by Gianni - August 20th, 2015

I don't normally get into fandubs much these days, but my buddy @RetroArcadeMonkey got me a couple parts on this one. It's pretty well done, at least I think so. I only play some thug in this first part, but later on I'll be playing Takeharu as well.


And if you missed it, again I implore you to watch @noiserover's work, any of it really, although I did get to star in this particular episode.


Posted by Gianni - August 12th, 2015

Another slow news week for your favorite cheap knockoff of Steve Bl-- Uh, favorite voice actor! I think all that came out starring yours truly was Gloom in the Sandy Pit by @noiserover. Working with him was an amazing experience, and if you aren't familiar with him, you really should be.


Posted by Gianni - August 5th, 2015

Slow news week, recorded stuff but nothing really came out except for Lynxman which was a fun little gig.3045828_143882356881_Lynxman.png

And @TheUnseriousguy did release this little Kill La Kill animation in which I play Senketsu.


Also, streaming has been going pretty well. I usually have friends on the show but sometimes I go it solo. @RetroArcadeMonkey has been on the call most nights, @Paxilon is usually my target call victim, @badkill22 has been known for an appearance or two. Sometimes even my Overwatch buddy Tactical Koala will make an an appearance, or at least he'll be in stream chat.


Be sure to stop by sometime, announce yourself or be the strong and silent type, whatever, we love company of all sorts. Hell, since the headcount is so low you can probably guest on the show too if you want.