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Username Change

Posted by Gianni - November 29th, 2015

So my username here went from SirUndead to Gianni. It ain't so much that I'm embarased of the SirUndead moniker, but Gianni is my actual name and so that's what I use on a lot of my VA stuff anyhow, I figure now since NG made it easier than ever I'd smooth this over too. Feels good to be in @dylan's kool kidz only first name club.

Since I only have thirty followers on my SirUndead Twitch (most of which are friends), I'm actually trying to transfer them over to my GianniVM Twitch so that can be more uniform too. So follow the new Twitch if you followed the old one, pls.

I normally try not to post content which isn't promoting some new thing on NG I'm in, but there isn't a new NG thing for me this week, and I reckon while I'm talking about the name change I might as well give some examples of places you can find me.

YouTube. I have a Starring In playlist on this channel for all projects on YT I'm in, as well as some of my own content. I have been making a lot of Overwatch content which is why my follower count went from like 50 to almost 300 now. More Overwatch stuff is gonna come but it's not all Overwatch. Oh I'm also involved with a gaming channel comprised of other NGers @Paxilon, @RetroArcadeMonkey, @Kehny, and @Badkill22 called Kerfuffle With The Lobsters. I keep forgetting to plug that.

Twitch, we talked about this.

Twitter. I mostly use this to post new projects I'm in but sometimes I think I'm funny. I never really took off on Twitter so clearly I was wrong about that.

That's pretty much it. It'd be cool if you followed me on those places, but NG is still the real HQ for me so it's cool if you don't.

Sorry, I also normally try not to make posts that are all just words, but again this is a kinda abnormal post for me since I'm mostly doing it to make sure the name change has been formally acknowledged and such, message put forth about it, you know the drill. Thanks for reading if you did. If not, the TLDR was the first sentence + the links.

Comments (9)

Gianni it is then.

Hey man, when you've got to yell at me to remind me of lines I promised it's whatever you please.

Yeah no problem G, I'll let you know when I'm ready for the project. It's going to take some time right now due to some things I need to get off the plate first. We may start something later next year. :)


Awesome! XD

Hey that's great, you got your name! No way I'd get Steve, not that I'd bother trying. Glad I knew it was you at first post, though you may want to shoehorn the namechange into your blog's blurb space area thing. Also glad you're busy off-site, TCB 'n shit, I'll try hitting up your YT stuff soon!

The long game is to get super famous on other sites and then use that to send them to Newgrounds somehow, ushering in a new age of success for NG.

Most excellent, I really dig the whole month long redirect from the old username grace period, but I think you'll be just fine hahahah! Looking forward to working with you again Gianni!

I think I read something about supporters getting a permanent redirect? I dunno, I ain't worried either way. Thanks!

hmmm, nice!

while SirUndead was indeed a badass name, (such as maestro-rage's name), i can agree with you that having your first name as your username can be more cool and simple, especially for voice-acting projects+collabs...

im also a voice-actor.

i love my username, but i would like to remove the number 2 from it.
especially since im the only -stick user in the portal.
(long story short, one day i registered a profile in here with just the ''stick'' name, but i wrote the wrong email, so since that name was taken(by me), i had to add the number 2 in my name.)

yeah. so this new update will help me. alot.

hell yeah, you'll be in the mix with @piper as well, not a bad club to be in

It always comes back to Piper, no matter how far I run, now matter how much I record, no matter which bigshot I e-mail, she's always there when I look behind me. Always there, always waiting. For what...? I'll die unsure.

Hell yeah, If Bob had been available when I signed up I'd in that club too. :P Things would be different! Will take a while to forget the old name and remember the new, but good thing you're avatar remains, like a visual link between new username and old persona. Good stuff

Truthfully there's a large number of people on here whose names I couldn't recall if I tried but I know their icons by heart. I think an icon change is more dramatic than a name one hahah. Thankfully, I have no present desire to go and retire @Paxilon's art. It's too awesome.

great now i know where to turn to if i ever decide to take voice acting lessons :D (that is if you dont mind)

Hah, I'd love to tell you I could, but I'm hardly fit enough as a professional to give any lessons. Only things I can tell you is the cliche stuff you already know. Keep practicing, auditions are a great trial by fire for free XP. Don't be afraid to experiment, you won't know if you're good at something unless you try it a lot. More than once or twice. And just make sure you're having fun. That's really all I got. Class dismissed, end of semester.

Thank you so much for the compliment <3