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I'm in Fistful of Frags!

Posted by Gianni - January 6th, 2016

It's true! I play the Vigilante and the Ranger. More is coming, too.

But aside from that, Arc Infinitum's fourth episode came out from @Kel-chan! It's a doozy!
It stars yours truly, the great Marissa Lenti, hell even @codeblackhayate is in it!

And Newgrounds new challenger @Kehny brings you his Mortal Kombat animation starring me as... Everyone!
I really love the home-cooked music him and his brother whipped up for this piece. Unique touch.

And as a bonus, to celebrate FIVE YEARS OF VOICE ACTING, I paid some tribute to when it all began.
I want that piece to exist as a message from me to folks JUST getting into the VA thing.
Keep your boots in the mud. Keep recording.

Thanks a bunch to all of you, for listening.

(and hey, psst, go check out Eden Blue)

Comments (5)

congrats in getting into that game, played it about a year ago, seemed alright for a free game, hopefully their game keeps improving!

I hear it changed a LOT after it went to Steam (it was just another mod before that), and I hear that some features which were in the game are being re-worked back into the game, but I can tell you the dev is super on top of things and always working on the game. I think he does awesome work, and the game is a hell of a lot of fun. New stuff keeps going into the game, not just me, and that's really nice to see after a million projects in my life which stagnate for a year and then die. He's also been really open to my input about things too, which is great.

You should go a round with me sometime. I'll warn you though, I'm pretty good with a six shooter ;D

yeah bro my steams just blordow, might lag a bit though but well see

ADDED. We'll play SOMETHING sometime for sure. If not FoF, another game. I've been super into making people play Fighties lately funny enough.

And then there's always Overwatch.

That mortal kombat flash was really great, reminded me of that sponge on episode with the chocolate bars heheheh, let's collaborate some more this year!

Thanks! Good idea!

really well made hope to hear more this year and good luck m9

thx <3

Your a busy artist Gianni. Keep em coming.

Will do!