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Casual Friday

Posted by Gianni - June 28th, 2015

Some of you folks might recall a glorious project called Eden by none other than the amazing CartoonCoffee himself... well a long time ago Paxilon did a comic based on it, and we decided it should come to life. So here we are, with Casual Friday.


It's a fun little short, and to be truthful, we intend to do more fun little shorts especially if folks actually watch it, unlike the tragedy that killed our dreams, The Sudden Stop. REST IN RIP.

And in other news, Kel's very own Gunmetal Black came out, starring yours truly as Harima. WARNING: ANIME. VERY ANIME. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO BEING ANIME'D.


Feel free to drop us a comment on Casual Friday, Pax and I will both be replying. We don't care if you're verbally constructive or not, god knows we aren't.

But seriously, if you haven't seen Eden, I highly recommend it. I publicly proclaim that I think Eden could be a really big deal, and the game's demo is still planned for going to PAX (the convention, not my artist associate).

Thanks for stopping by.

Comments (2)

Really excited for both you and RealFaction, that Kel-Chan project is very awesome and will probably keep up with it. Also Eden is animated so well and smooth, the character TFlow plays reminds me of the main character's love interest in Bee and Puppycat, which I also love. Keep it up! Excited to see what's to come

You know, I thought about getting TFlow for the comic, but I figured eh, for this stupid little quickie, maybe it's best I save his reputation anyway and just do it myself.

Kel's work blows me away, because with every video she's better. I like Gunmetal, but Arc Infinitum is still my personal favorite project. I was telling her how she could get anyone to play Harima and I'd be fine with it, I just can't lose my role as Decker HAHAH HOW PATHETIC IS THAT, RIGHT?

Eden's so amazingly unique to me, like raw imagination really just opened fire on a canvas, and obviously it's got inspirations and stuff, but it's such a fascinating series with so much mystery and curiosity, I could definitely see it being a powerhouse IP. Though anybody who knows me will tell you this, I am one of the worst goddamn daydreamers that ever lived.

Anyway thanks for stopping by and supporting those righteous projects! Means a lot to me.

how have i not followed paxilon yet?

in any case, you keep doing that awesome thing you do for for awesome things

You know Dylan, maybe that's what I oughtta do.

"The five best animators of all time... Think about it. Dylan... Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan. Because he spits hot fire."