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Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

Gianni Matragrano @Gianni

27, Male

Voice actor.

Ottawa, ON

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It's awesome that you are part of so many projects here on NG! Keep it up your an amazing voice actor and someday you can get paid good for this stuff. If I land a job at adult swim in the future I could recommend your voice acting

Thanks dude! I been doing this for about five years for pretty much the pleasure of the craft. Going forward, eventually, I'll probably poke my nose further into the semi-pro or even pro scene. I'm actually very pleasantly surprised at the caliber of stuff I've gotten to be in with the level I'm personally at. You know, if a great pro opportunity comes along for me, I'll take the shot in a heartbeat, but I haven't yet aggressively pushed in the pro direction if you catch my meaning. Yet, anyhow.

Yeah, we going full-on Saitama overload here, lol. And btw that song I did for your birthday, Gianni, was mostly improvised. The chords I played on the song weren't even Blues chords yet I was sort of singing in a bluesy way. And the whole making of it was freakin' weird. I whipped up three different versions of the song in total, and by the third one I had changed some of the lyrics so that they could make more sense.

Then I asked fuckin' @Kehny to do some of the art, and he did a fan-fuckin'-tastic job with the art, and fit the lyrics pretty damn well. My favorite is still definitely the one with your exploding rainbow boner... pure genius. @Paxilon had absolutely nothing to do with it, except for her Pass The Whiskey art on the whiskey bottle illustration, but that's pretty much it. @Badkill22 did nothing with the song or the overall making of the video, and in retrospect, I probably totally should've gotten him on board with this. Like, to rap in the middle of it or some shit, would've been hilarious lol.

But yeah, dude. Not to be totally gay or anything, but you're probably the sexiest and coolest dude I have ever personally known on the internet. Especially the sexy part, tho. Not in a gay way though... uhm... shit

You THINK Badkill had nothing to do with it, but I feel like from the whole Kerfuffle crew, he's like, the secret heel turn. Playing it all from the shadows like a master puppeteer. Anyhow, you guys killed it. Thanks again.

Just wanted to add to the respect and admiration for you voice actor folk. I'm not sure how you guys do it but keep on truckin, us artists need you guys to make their characters come to life!

Aw, that's sweet of you to say! Thanks! Obviously the writing, the characters, the stories to breathe life into, that all comes from the genius artists like yourself. I don't see myself as anything too special. I'm like the oil in a machine. Your sort is the machine. Which-- sounds dirtier than I meant it to...

I can only speak with my amateur experience, but I personally owe all of it to the folks who made the great projects I got to be in. I don't deserve a red carpet, I'm just happy to be here. Voice acting is a realm in which I find a place I really feel like I fit into. That's invaluable.

By the way, flipped through your art. Really great work. Love it love it. If you ever find yourself in a position to use a VA, I hope you hit me up!

Your very talented in what you do Gianni. I will all ways appreciate you helping me out in past and future projects. ;)

No trouble, dude. Looking forward to the future projects!

Always awesome to see what you're up to! You're very inspirational, making me want to step my game up to the extreme! :D

Ah, mighty kind of you to say. I suggest however being inspired by somebody who is less of a hilarious trainwreck, like @Seymour or @Piper. HAH!

Thanks, love you Saminat.

Hahaha thank you!

loovvee youu Dooopiiieee <3