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Gianni Matragrano. Voice actor. Art by the love of my life, who you can find at paxilon.newgrounds.com.

Gianni Matragrano @Gianni

27, Male

Voice actor.

Ottawa, ON

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I'm gonna be angry if your voice isn't over the guys
"Resolve is Tested : Hopeful "

Hopeful, me? Hah, perhaps instead...

Gianni's Resolve is tested...


[art slides in of me with a red aura and harrowing depression grappling a bottle in each hand]

Not going to lie. I bought this game after becoming intrigued by your voice work clip (that is right Red Hook, this guy got you at least one sale). In honor here is a character I believe in my most humble of opinions would fit you perfectly:

Name: Sir Undead

Class: Bounty Hunter

Positive Quirks;

Bad-ass Voice-all enemies have a chance to be debuffed when you speak, +300% to flirting

Iron Liver-never receive negative effects from drinking, +50% blight resistance.

Gamer's Endurance-needs no sleep as sleep is for the weak, eats only 50% of normal and it must be junk food or booze

Too Cool To Care-99% stress resist

Negative Quirks:

Drink Like A Demon-must relieve stress at the bar, even if not assigned to the bar 50% will go to the bar anyway

Gamer's Body- 15% penalty to damage, health, dodge, and flirting

It's too bad I couldn't possibly write anything here worthy enough to match this comment. Anyway, Steam Workshop, do your thing! But I'll admit, I always somehow felt like Bounty Hunter was for John DiMaggio.


Hard to argue that, fella.


I need more energy.

You coming up North for the Pico party? I heard there will be an actual woman there this year...

A whole one this time? Not like those chopped up bits last year? Hm, that is tempting, but I'm afraid I won't be there. I'm presently investing my cash in some other objectives.

Kinda went all out on this Pico day, though I wouldn't consider the loss of cash a waste. Thanks for scouting me, I kinda forgot about how the audio portal works, and I only really wanted that particular submission uploadable for realfaction's 20th NG Tribute thing

I'm getting a proper USB mic next outing, I won't disappoint you! I do worry I might make a podcast, that could get us both in trouble though O_O you never know these days. I'll check the NG wiki, make sure I don't fuck up, and thanks again, what a surprise it was!

Oh shit I didn't know people could see you scouting them. I dunno how that stuff works dude, I scout almost anybody. Maybe my account deletion is impending and I don't even know it yet.

Another year of Pico Day I didn't make it to. One year, perhaps. One year.

Saw your new post, it's fun to play the baddies, isn't it? Hm, maybe start dating older, wealthier women, then going to next year's party will be feasible ;)

Well I've definitely got the older part nailed down.